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Sugar Ray in San Diego

May 12, 2004

Sha-BAM! Pro-Fans out again ~ this time we're searching for Shugah Raaaeee...

KIA's Sugar Ray trucks pulled into Mission Beach. They've partnered with Spike TV and sponsored a tour where they're filming a reality TV thing like the apprentice ~ check out the SugarRayShow.com details here.

As Pro-Fans, Any music in the area has to be investigated. We found the public restrooms on the beach were turned into an acoustic jam room. Turns out it was just this fella blowing his horn into the restroom. Maybe he has a friend that is constipated and needed some help?

We showed up at Canes Bar & Grill on Mission Beach where Sugar Ray was playing. We got there early enough to wander around the venue and talk with some roadies and management.

They really liked us and set us up in the VIP booth.

When the Short Limo's started arriving, we had to stalk the parking lot to hookup with Sugar Ray. Sometimes the Rock Stars don't know we're there, so we have to make sure they do.

Our first Rock Star sighting of the night was Campaign For Quiet! We originally thought it was someone else because of Sugar Ray's show bill ~ the starters cancelled and these local San Diego guys filled in. These guys were really cool. Like a scene out of a movie ~ the old yeller van came screaming in the parking lot and slammed next to the short Limo's. Smoke should've poured out when one of 'em jumped out, threw his hands in the air, and yelled ~ 'WE'RE HERE!' We were totally taken off guard or we would've broke into spontaneous applause like we often do. They sent us an email to let us know who they are. Thanks. We downloaded some of their MP3s from their site ~ sounds great ~ check 'em out. We'll try to book 'em. Cool looking band. Cool gear. And what a van! Check out our poo on their amp in front of Jenn.

So we had waited in the parking lot for about an hour watching the short limos pull in. We got an autograph from DJ Homicide (wonder if he has a tiff with DJ Lethal?). We were waiting for Mark, then noticed a familiar Cadillac Escalade pull in the parking lot and three guys get out far from the entrance and try to sneak around on the boardwalk. We're too good though, got the pic, got the at-graph, and Mark Mcgrath held our poo for the picture! Thanks Mark! Great to see you, next time we hope you play our show for families ~ 21 and over require a kid ~ 21+ shows are lame and you know it.

fcL SuL2Mr ~ Sugar Ray?

Ds1gej ~ DJ Homicide?

Must be a school for rock star at-graphs.


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