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Experience 'Things in the Sun'

Things 'n the Sun is held annually in Vista, CA in May. It is organized and promoted by our good friend P.A. He is an entrepreneur that has many irons in the fire. A real mentor to us that offers great advice and helps keep our heads on straight. As a some-odd degree black belt, it's easily accomplished.

There's our Thing among others.

Things flame.

Things thump.

Thing... thing, thing, thing, thing... and Mike Crisp that organizes the East Coast show ~ Kubel-Treffen East. We were east at his show in 2001.

We took Weed with us this year. Check out the tie-dye! Last year we vended and our canopy flew 30 ft in the air and landed 50 yards away (May '03 pix).

This one was at last years show. It's more like a sand-rail with a Thing body. Way badly.

Fuh ~ rue ~ tee.

Our dream seats for our Thing.

Colton Thing.

Kevin wasn't watching Colton.

And he landed on his face. Feet straight up in the air. Arms behind his back. A real jackass moment. Colton didn't dig it. We didn't get it on video. Maybe next time.


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