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Zion to Texas

We were so blown away by the gathering of all the Families in Zion and the emotion behind barenakedfamily's intention by leaving it all behind five years ago.  The fact that we started out by just simplifying our lives to take back our time and now seeing the effect that it's had on so many others.  Even through all the sacrifices and rough times we have had, we have tried to stay focused to try and keep our intentions real.  This last few years has been some of the hardest times because as we all do, we seemed to have let go of some of out intent for such non-important reasons.  What a fresh breath this trip has been for us.  For along time now we have held onto lacquer that was bringing us down mentally and financially.  This time out in someone's else's RV reminded us home is not necessarily where you park it, but where you live it.  In your heart. 

As we cruised through the desert we contemplated a lot of what had been given to us on this trip.  New perspective, new love, new friends.

The understanding and compassion of others when you need it the most.  With no judgments.  No requirements.  No fear.

Thinking about how we have been changed and ready to confront the lacquer in our lives that has prevented us from moving forward.  The ability to let go.  The chance to be open.

To be a part of the world.

To smile.

To play in hot tubs instead of fixing them.

To be incredible lovers.

To learn things from other pioneers.

To appreciate the past, no matter how hard it feels sometimes.

To witness the life of others.

To drive at night through the vast desert with nothing more than your thoughts.

To wake up the next morning to places that are new, yet somehow familiar.

To be loved.  To walk on. To be recognized for all the things you once thought you were alone in.


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