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Van Halen August '04

Yep ~ Greg is an ENORMOUS Van Halen fan. So when we heard they were coming to San Diego (actually Chula Vista in San Diego county) we had to go. However, tickets were $60 - $105 and more. Times five is too much and we don't do things outside of Family, so we went together with no plan.

The Coors Amphitheatre is in Chula Vista, that may be Tijuana Mexico just over the hill. Either way, it's Nirvana'ish in its quiet desert setting.

God's Amphitheatre.

Van Halen's Amphitheatre.

Being 'pro fans' is a fine art we feel that we have nearly perfected. Hang out with all the other people getting in at first, see if there are opportunities.

Walk around the perimeter, ALWAYS find the tour buses.

And sure enough, nobody else around and we get a rock star sighting! That's Michael Anthony, the Bass guitar player for Van Halen getting some food. We're alone on a hill looking through a hole in the privacy fence.

Usually we can get closer to the Rock Stars, this venue is pretty well protected though.

As the sun goes down, the excitement is building.

God's show is spectacular as usual ~ everyday.

And Van Halen takes the stage! Woo hoo! Free concert ~ sounds great from here.

Girls got in the groove dancing the night away.

Austin unchained and behind bars. The yellow arrow is pointing to the big screen. We couldn't see but the top of the stage and awesome light show.

That's Sammy Hagar on the big screen through the bars on heavy zoom and digitally cropped. Go to Van-Halen.com for a picture where you can actually see him.

That's the guitar of legend Eddie Van Halen ~ EVH.

And that's EVH's hair on the big screen.

There's his brother Alex Van Halen during his drum solo. The yellow arrow is on his head band and the red is on the tip of his drumstick.

And that's $200 worth of FREE tickets in Jenn's hands! We were hanging in the parking lot where the VIPs get in and someone left early giving us two tickets about 45 minutes into the show. So we walked around to the front to see if we could somehow score three more.

Never did get three more, but the view from the front was slightly better. We enjoyed the rest of the show at the front gates and went home excited and very tired. Plus we have two unused Van Halen tickets to hang on our Rock Star wall!

Good times. No. Great.


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