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April 2003

April 2003 - Geez! We're still at Campland on the Bay! This place is hard to leave. We've told people we came in to stay a week on February 1st - now we're preparing to leave because they kick everyone out for 24 hours after a 90 day stay (something about squatter's rights in California)?!?

Austin scored his first sell of his art here at Campland. Check out the pictures of his artwork in March 2003 pictures.

We went to Cabrillo National Monument. Below us is the entrance to San Diego Bay. In the background is the beach along what is called 'Silver Strand'. Beyond that is Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.

The kids earned another Junior Ranger Badge at Cabrillo. Mike (back left) helped us out and gave us the grand guided tour. Austin got hooked up with him - Mike knew so much about the planes, Navy SEALs, helicopters, and boats cruising around the area. He also let us use his binoculars and made sure we didn't miss anything. Thanks Mike! To others - DON'T MISS Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego - this place was very cool!

Nuff said.

Since we didn't do much this month for experiences we'll take you on a tour of the campground where we spent most of our time.

The activities for the kids are phenomenal. The activity coordinators work this calendar that is full every day. This month was particularly active for the kids because of all the spring breaks.

Mandy and Kyle are the activity leader hotties.

Jenn's probably checking out Kyle in this pic...

We don't have pictures of dodge ball because Greg and Jenn played. Capture the flag required too much running.

Chrissy and Chelsea.

Kesley finally won a ribbon at the artwork competition. Sunny and Austin are waiting 'patiently'.

Tetherball hurt Jenn.

Not so much tetherball as Cheryl's competitive nature. Neither gave up. Cheryl was playing the next day. Jenn was down.

Karen and her mom have become good friends.

Phillip and Austin have become good friends. Phillip is way cool.

Chyann and Macayla.

Ranger Dave had to solve the 'chromie' problem. A group of kids were taking the chrome tire valve covers off cars in the park and we had a nice little drama to solve the problem.

Easter Egg Hunt. The crowds were similar for things like the Parrothead festival, the live band nites, the talent show, Karaoke...

That's Mitch Nodland closing in on Jenn (he's 14!).

This is a view of Mission Bay across the activity field.

The marina rents kayaks, boats, jet skis, paddle boats, carts, bikes...

And these things. We've seen like twelve people on one of these!

This is the jetty where we walk our dogs.

This is the first picture of a series taken on the jetty. This is looking East towards Kearny Mesa.

South towards downtown.

That's the Sea World tower.

Campland has one 'super site' that is about $100/night just behind that van. It is fenced and on the water. There is a personal hot tub, grill, washer/dryer in a cabana, and probably more stuff we'll never see.

The parks within the park are great.

Our site rules. The pools and hot tubs are in the background and the kids love to play in this field.

That's Jupiter through Ed Nodlands sighting scope.

This picture is the same as above - cropped with only the brightness and contrast messed with. We can see three of Jupiters moons (much better with the eye in the scope - not bad for a chincy digital camera butted up to the scope). Top left (about 10:00 is one. Bottom right about 4:00 is the other two. The most visible is actually just one moon blurred. The other is just off Jupiter between it and the other 4:00 moon.

We started a new biz making signs and stickers. Our first stickers went to Ed Nodland at Road-School.com.

Then Jenn designed a magnetic sign for her Dad in Port Aransas.

This is the kids watching the vinyl cutter at work.

And Jenn freaking on new equipment at work.

After the vinyl is cut it has to be 'weeded' meaning the pieces that are not wanted are removed.

Then 'masked' with application tape.

Once applied to the 'substrate' (magnetic sign blank in this case) the application tape is removed.

And we have a product!

So if you're ever in Port Aransas, TX and need a bottom job call Quarter Fast!

Or contact Jenn for all your sign-making needs! Check out the new hat we got with the portable generator.

And our seller's permit for doing business in California.

Kids at the California Board of Equalization learning about what it takes to sell stuff in California.

Our first 'event' making signs and stickers will be May 3 at the 'Things in the Sun' show. PA's Thing is behind ours - he's the guy putting on the show.

Image is important in a biz so we dyed Kesley's hair purple and Red.

Our friend Stephan loaned us his motorcycle for a ride. Greg and Jenn took a ride around Mission Bay.

Then the kids got a ride through the park!

It's May 2 as we write this page and we're on our way out of Campland to do our required 24 hours out after 90 days. Amazing that we've stayed this long. We're heading to the Thing show on Sat May 3 for our first gig in our new Graphics venture. We're coming back to Campland on Saturday night and have our second gig booked for Pacific Beach Block Party.


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