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August 2003 Pictures

August Rocked!

barenakedfamily is in Salem, MA on the water. We built a campfire using our camp axe, drank a beer from Canada, and smudged the site and Mo-Ho with some sage from California!

We actually started the month in Niagara Falls, Canada. This is the pic looking at the American Falls in New York from the Canadian side.  Because Canada's got it going on!

We were still traveling with Jon and Jen Gilley family. Jen wrote a cool article about the BARENAKEDFAMILY for her hometown newspaper in Winsted, CT. Check it out!


They set off fireworks every night in the summer time over Niagara Falls.  It is beautiful and they even light up the falls different colors as well.

Jon making some fake boogers for both families so we could accent the hillbilly teeth we all purchased in Chicago.  Some silicone on a window, let dry, peel, and apply to nose. 

Blue fake, Red real.

Another campsite musical number courtesy of Jen and Jon Gilley. 

Don't let this fun looking hayride fool you, it is very dangerous.   

If you saw the movie Twister with Helen Hunt, "HELEN!", you might recognize the Mo-Ho!  This was the one used by the bad guy who got sucked up into a twister.  

We really wanted some free table dances, an ice cold beer, a few hot women and wouldn't a buffet be nice?  Where would we find such a place?

At the Campground barn dance of course! This time with some hipper music, some good drinks, "DRINKS!", and some good friends.  Times were great as we just lived in the now with the Gilleys, danced with the kids, and ran around with fake boogers.  One day we will figure out what we need to do, but today we shall dance.

Yes this is an actual line dance happening before your eyes.  Sorry.

Sunny with blue hair she picked up off some table.  It was a strange barn dance.

What the hell?

This is what Jenn looks like as a Drag Queen.

We have to keep a close eye on this Jen, she needs adult supervision.

Dancing to Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boy.

In Canada they don't sell milk in the regular American way we are all used to, they sell it in bags in three separate cylinders!  Now how the hell do you use milk in a bag?  Well you buy a pitcher take one of the cylinders out, cut the edge, put it into the pitcher and hope you don't make a freaking huge mess!  Sounds like a gallon jug is not really far from that idea, maybe they will catch on.  

This is right before the falls, in the background you can see a barge that has been stuck there for years.  It lost its tug and drifted towards the falls with the crew and got stuck on some rocks.  Some of the crew jumped over and swam to the shore and the others were rescued later.  This thing has been here ever since the '20s (we think).

Horseshoe Falls with the Maid of the Mist boat (bottom of pic in blue) that takes you to the bottom of the falls.  We did this ride on our first trip to Niagara Falls and since have became residents and don't do that anymore.  It is cool and we highly recommend it.

How many days and workers does it take to get Full Hookups that you have to dig for? Five and three.

On our way to the Oh Canada Dinner Show! Nice shirt Jen!

That guy on the lawn outside the Dinner Show was actually our server.  Kinda strange, I know but his is how they do it Canada.

This is Craig and when he wasn't performing he was serving us!  Great guy, entertainer, and server!  Thanks for a fun night Craig!

Here are those pictures we take again.


Austin, Sunny, Pearl, Craig, Kesley, Mariel with Craig after the show.  The people who work here are putting themselves through college for some sorts of performing arts.  It's cool to see them get up there and be so brave to get up there to sing and perform for total strangers every night.

Punk Rock Star on the side, Ann of Green Gables in the Oh Canada Dinner Show.  She told us after the show she is actually in an all girl punk rock band and invited us to see her show.  That's what I'm talking about! 

Yes we are forcing Daisy to face the giant moving alligator, but it was funny.

Our VW on  Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls.  This is the real touristy part of Niagara Falls filled with family activities, museums, and haunted houses.  We did a few of thes things, but it is also really expensive so we just go to the Falls.

Austin was acting up so we electrocuted him.

BARENAKEDFAMILY went to check out the river locks that connect Lakes Erie and Ontario so the ships don't have to travel over Niagara Falls. Check out our Locks Experience!

On the way out of Niagara Falls heading to the New York border.  That is the city of Niagara Falls on the right and the American Falls on the left and Horseshoe Falls in the back.  We left Jon and Jen as they went around Lake Ontario in Canada and we headed back to the US.  We are supposed to meet them in Winsted, CT.

Heading to Winsted, CT through New York state.  We are thinking about a lot of things like finances and work right now.  We are forging our way with a t-shirt making business and just starting to get the hang of working in festivals and events.  It's tough work and is can be hard to make money at times, but we are working together and at times is quite fun.

We took some toll roads which are all over the northeast. We ended up spending about thirty million frickin' dollars! We also realized our RV and car have the same number of axles as an eighteen wheeler. Doesn't seem fair somehow...

The towns in the northeast are so old and beautiful.  

We are near Winsted and are excited to see our friends hometown!

This is where we camped in Winsted.

Hard to see but this is the harbor we are staying on in Salem, MA.  The light on the left is the lighthouse, the light in the middle is the marker for boats, and that is the moon that rises over the water.  

Timon pimpin in the mo-ho.

Cristal poppin' in the Stretch Navigator, hot and fresh out the kitchen, Mama rolling that body, got every man wishin', so what I'm drunk, it's the freakin' weekend...

While in the northeast Greg and the kids decided to enjoy the area lobster and killed these lobsters and ate them.  All for around twenty dollars.

We bought some liquor for our ass.

Another Salem sightseeing tour bus. 

We think that this is a house because it is in a residential part of town and has a sign on it that  says, 'not a church, get over it'.  

We are trying to cover up all the fake wood in the mo-ho so we dug into our vinyl and let the kids decorate their closet with all the colors.  They did a great job and actually cleaned up their mess.

This is the sunset over Salem, MA on one of the main streets.

BARENAKEDFAMILY visited Gloucester, Mass. just north of Salem where the film 'The Perfect Storm' was filmed. Check out our Cape Ann Experience.

Not what you think, we just saw an opportunity and we took it!

And ran with it.

And ran some more.

We are still in Salem, MA and we are loving it here. And we don't smoke sage...


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