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July 2003 Pictures

July starts in Durango, CO where we participated in a couple of festivals before leaving.

Quote of the month - "Tell us what you really think about the midwest".

Our first activity in July 2003 was a fourth of July festival in Bayfield, CO. We setup a booth promoting BARENAKEDFAMILY.com and some of our philosophies on shirts we created and produced.

Our dreams have come true! Working with the kids!

Our next festival was the following weekend where we setup at Durango Arts and Crafts festival.

And we fit right in!

BARENAKEDFAMILY offering A little something for... not everybody.

An original inspired by Ben Stiller.

Inspired by Austin Powers.

Inspired by Sunny.

And this just isn't true for Kes...

After all this work we enjoyed a couple of nights of live music on the balcony on a main corner street in downtown Durango. Awesome margaritas!

And we didn't go here for drinks....

Because of this sign inside?!? This is for real! Some sort of zoning thing. Check out the last line! We say we go Footloose on their asses!!

But leave the dogs at home. Geez Durango, get a life...So many rules.

And Durango had to prove that stupid signs are NOT just inspired by the city.

We actually witnessed this wreck while eating at a Texas style BBQ restaurant. The lady driving fell asleep and hit the parked beer truck going about 50. She pushed the truck a good eight feet! It was a terrible sound. She was wearing her belt and talking when the ambulance took her. We prayed for her.

We left Durango and traveled over Wolf Creek Pass east of Durango. It was an incredibly steep pass - the RV came close to overheating and we pulled over halfway up the pass to let things cool off. Some guy at the top said he believes it's the steepest pass in America!?! Anyone wanna confirm this? It was definitely the steepest one we've been on.

And this is our Continental divide lesson. Water on the west flows to the Pacific Ocean and water on the East flows to the Atlantic. This water evaporated quickly.

Eastern Colorado is much like Kansas.

And goes on forever when it's really hot. We actually got stuck in Kansas City - the RV wouldn't come out of 2nd gear? Turned out to be an electrical short. The front AC went out and is still having problems...

We didn't know Kansas City was in Kansas AND Missouri. Now we do. After three days in over 110 heat index we just wanted out. And that's how we really feel about the midwest.

The Mississippi near Mark Twain's inspiration - we taught the kids to spell Misses hippie.

Western Illinois looked a lot like Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas and Central Kansas and Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri and Central Missouri and Eastern Missouri. Springfield, Illinois was cool but we had no Simpson sightings and apparently Apu had the day off so we renamed Daisy Apu. Some dude named Lincoln was very popular there?!?

Apu doesn't care as long as she can have a window doing less than 30mph.

Hmmmmm. Which state should we hit that we haven't been to yet?

Indiana it is!

What's different about these two pics?

Heat and miles baby!!!

We stopped just south of Lake Michigan in Portage, Indiana at a Jellystone RV park. That's Chicago just left of the sun.

We can't see it in this picture either but could when we were standing there...

This house is on the way out of one of the Lake Michigan parks in Indiana. We stalked it and found VW's from Washington State in the driveway. We really wanted to meet these people but never did.

This was an old church or schoolhouse converted to an antique shop.  We found some really cool roads with some neat houses.  There really wasn't a big city nearby so there was not much happening around here.

And this was the graveyard across the street. Wondering how appropriate that name is?

While in Portage, Indiana the greatest family moved in next to us - the Gilleys: John, Jenn, Mariel, and Pearl. They had been on the road for 10 months and were heading back towards Connecticut on the last leg of their cross country journey. So we took them to the lake.

And found this kid in the sand. That's actually Evander - Austin's friend from the campground.

And Greg thought John could dig the coolest sand holes!

And Pearl stole Kesley's old bathing suit and tried to lure Sunny into the lake.

Pearl wanted her to swim to the nuke plant.

But Sunny stole a Corvette instead and we had to chase them down through this tree tunnel.

Then we went to Chicago - check out our Chicago Experience...

We think the Gilley's liked us so we followed them to their campground out of Cleveland, Ohio - Punderson State Park. John tried hard to serenade Jenn but she was so sick of Greg playing Yankee Doodle on that fake truck stop mini-guitar that she was impervious to his charm.

Greg's in there trying to play the blues on his fake truck stop mini-guitar.

The Gilley's took us to their friends house in Cleveland anyway. Standing is Greg, Craig, Jenn, Becky, Jenn, Pearl, John. Sitting is Ben, Austin, Sunny, Kesley, Chloe, and Mariel. Craig and Becky are big Barenaked Ladies fans too so we ran the Gilleys off and jammed. John cried.

So we took him to the Coast Guard to ship him off to see Kerrie and Randy on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

And the rest of us went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  This was definitely one of the coolest places to go.  Take the kids and show them what Rock n Roll really means.

Those are the Moby and Gwen neon signs they used in the video. Below the signs they broke a world record for the longest dance party. They were at around 40 hours when we were there and planned to go to 80 hours. We heard later on the radio they broke the record but we're not sure how far they got.

We left a BARENAKEDFAMILY card hidden on this van.

And these are way too many pictures of oversize guitars.

But we weren't allowed to take video or pictures inside the hall of fame.

So we took a lot of pics in the lobby but spare you some.

Before leaving the Cleveland area we had to stop by Lake Erie to send some sand to Grandma.

Cleveland to Niagara - you hardly remember going through Pennsylvania.

But New York State is cool (in a far out way) - it's actually very hot and humid in August and the mosquitoes are thick.

Join us next month where we start August in Niagara Falls Canada.


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