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June 2003 Pictures

We got out of San Diego after a week long stay in February turned into four months! Did we mention how much we like San Diego and Campland? So the plan when we left was to head northeast a little earlier this year. Our only trip to the northeast ever was in late 2001 when we learned that most campgrounds close in October! This year we hope to make it earlier so we can spend some time there and learn more about American History. We're most familiar with Texas and the West where history is typically the late 1800's.

We came through the Mojave desert into Arizona heading towards the four corners area.

And it was freaking hot! This meat thermometer actually hit 125 stuck in the dirt which left the roadkill with a Mojave flavor.

Cooling an RV in the heat is a real challenge. You have to start the cooling in the morning and try to not let up on it. Our RV has the equivalent of three air conditioners. The coach air is 27,000 BTUs (big for an RV) and we have a typical truck AC running off the engine.

Austin's gotta be 'cool' no matter what.

Daisy can't stand the heat and appears to be vomiting. She actually just shat. Or was that Kes?

What's that smell?

On the road again. Just can't wait to get out of that freakin' heat again. Why do people like Lake Havasu anyway?

They say the water temp reaches 90 in the river. Heat sucks.

Heat sucks so badly that on the climb to Flagstaff the RV started running like crap. Once in the park, Greg decided to start with a tune-up and noticed the plug wires were melted in some places and coming apart. So he decided while he's replacing cap, rotor, plugs, and wires he'll go ahead and replace the exhaust manifold gaskets which were ticking since the exhaust brackets let loose dragging the entire system on the ground back in Alamagordo, NM sometime last year. It's a run on sentence because that's how pissed it'll make you. Anyway - pulling the left manifold off we found a bolt had broken off on the rear side of the engine. This has to be drilled out and re-threaded if you can't save the threads.

Did we mention you can't work on an RV in any 'normal' way. Notice the mirror at the end of the hand. That's what the previous picture was taken in. That's also how Greg had to drill out the bolt. Upside down in a mirror. This sucked bad and took a couple of days.

And the hole had to be rethreaded.

During our Flagstaff 'visit', we went to the local observatory and got to view a star cluster 25,000 light years away through their massive 24" telescope in one of those dome rooms. It looked like a bunch of stars.  Ed would envy this scope.

We also toured near Flagstaff to Sunset Crater National Monument where the kids earned yet another Jr. Ranger badge.

We also went here.

And down that hole without a guide or sidewalk or rails or steps or lights - this place was a little tricky to find too. We had to go down some rough forest access roads with little signage. Stay tuned to see if the BARENAKEDFAMILY survives this episode of:


Goodbye BARENAKEDFAMILY. Notice Timon is with us.

Timon is still there.

Where's Timon! AAAAGGGHHHH! The LAVA River Dragon Monkey Hole!!

We must find Timon. We must stay brave.

Except Daisy - she's a wuss.

The roof has fallen on everyone - Austin and Kesley must save us before the Lava River Dragon Monkey comes back 'for me to poop on'.

Kesley was so emotional after the rescue. Her sister has been saved by Austin's light saber. But where's Timon?

Daisy thinks 'vee eez under theez wrouck!'

Actually that's the end of the cave and we gave up on Timon at the front. He's a Hollywood Diva that demanded to stay with the VW limo in the remote parking lot.

And we see the light - Would you walk this gauntlet if you were a Corgi?

After the cave we went to Chinle, Az on the Navajo Reservation to hang out with one of our old friends Rick Schroeder. Check out the BARENAKEDFAMILY experience on the Navajo Reservation.

After our Navajo experience we ended up in Durango, CO for full hookups!!! We didn't ride the train after learning that is was over $200 and took a full day and you come back stinking like burnt coal. Somebody likes to ride this thing.

We chose the rental car route through the San Juan Loop Scenic Byway which covers what is known as the Million Dollar Highway.


Snow in June! 

We turned the rock below Kesley a cool shade of purple.

Daisy's looked like this since we dyed everyone's hair but hers. We think she's jealous.

God likes color too.

Snoop Dais down with the fizzle.

Durango Sk8 park.

Heads up Kerrie!

This is one cool ass family (minus Lonnie) that we met at Durango KOA and spent the night with them in Aztec, NM just out of Farmington. We toured Lonnie's family salvage yard and Austin finally got to break some windows! Greg and Jenn rescued some VW emblems from the car crusher and now we're trying to figure out what to do with them.

Figured out.

The Durango Community Center kicks butt. The kids love to spend time here where for one admission price they can rock climb.

Swim, play racquetball, watch TV, play billiards, foosball, ping-pong, basketball, and socialize (which apparently is a problem for 'home-schooled kids' - yeah right).

And June ended with a visit from Aunt June and Gary from Texas in Durango.

BARENAKEDFAMILY has been able to tweak and tune our latest venture in Durango. We setup at the flea market, 4th of July fest in Bayfield, and will be working the Arts and Craft fest in Durango starting on July 11th. We're making some kickin' shirts and apparel and will probably be making decals and signs representin'  BARENAKEDFAMILY ideas and ways of life. Stay tuned...


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