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This is the first and only remaining page from GregJennandKids.com. 

The site took on a new life and attitude over the years with a name like barenakedfamily.com. The pendelum has swung from far too generally offensive then too cheesy and predictable ~ even though it keeps swinging, it's swinging less. We're listening to others while finding our voice. Only occasionally do we regret what we put out there and race to change it these days...

May '01 to May '02

Theses photos were pre-digital era for us and therefore are blurry.


             Our first stop was at Crater Lake, OR.  It was a beautiful place.


      Boating with my parents in the Gulf of Mexico around Port Aransas, TX.


                             Playing in Granny's tractor In San Antonio, Texas                                       


Kids fishing contest Port Aransas, Texas


Kids with Governor Rick Perry in Austin Capitol, Austin Texas

Barenaked Ladies show in Charlotte, North Carolina 

We are the BIGGEST fans!

                        These are volunteer firefighters from Puerto Rico on their way to fight the fires that were burning in California.  You can see the kids in the middle with some friends.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Maid of the Mist boat tour took us right up to the bottom of the falls!


                                                Home of the Barenaked Ladies Toronto, Ontario


The family with Rupert from The Late Show with David Letterman

Jersey City Police take time to talk to us, they are some of the nicest people we met!

This was the second firehouse to get to the World Trade Center, they lost fourteen men there.  This guy talked to us for a couple of hours while unwrapping donations across the country.  This fire truck was covered with dust and debris on September 11.

Sunny, Kesley, Greg's dad, Fire chief, and Austin in the same firehouse.

Some State Troopers stopped to comfort the men at the firehouse.


Ft. Henry, Ontario

The Witch Museum Salem, Massachusetts 

The kids find their first starfish in the Atlantic Ocean Salem, Massachusetts


Salem Police van Salem Massachusetts


Kids outside old graveyard Salem Masschusetts


Civil War Battlefield Gettysburg, Pennsylvania


Family outside of Graceland Memphis, Tennessee

Elvis of course!




             Miguel outside of the Salsa Lab

                                                                               Bottling our homemade salsa

Now we label all the bottles!

Debbie and Miguel


                                      Greg and Jenn


Miguel and Kesley put the finishing touches on the bottles



Montezuma's Castle National Park, Arizona


                     Sunny and Kesley at the Grand Canyon, Arizona


Entrance to the Slot Canyons, the land is owned by the Navajo Indians, Arizona

View from inside the canyon

Another view                          


Debbie, Kesley, Sunny, Austin, Jenn, Miguel in the weird town of Jerome Arizona


      Meteor Crater Arizona      


PCH and waves from our spot in Malibu California

                    Tom in Malibu

      Rebecca is one of our friends we made in Malibu


          Jacob, Rebecca's boyfriend, in Malibu  


Greg's stepsister with her family and ours in Sacramento 


This is Greg with his step mom Jeanne and his stepsister Camie


Jenn standing in front of our house we sold before we went on the road

Check out some babblin' from this year on the road...


Get out while you can ~ join us in our remaking of early BNF starting with Sep '02...