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May 03' Pictures

This month we started our vinyl business and went to some of our first shows.  We have been really busy learning all about our equipment and getting ready for the shows.  It has been fun making signs and stickers for everyone, we have made magnetic signs for a few people, t-shirts for some friends businesses, and banners for Jenn's brother's school.

Austin trying to get up at 5:00 am for our very first show where we vendors.  Our friend PA invited us to vend the 2nd Annual Thing Show sponsored by The Thing Shop in Chandler Arizona.  

The day of the show it decided to rain all day long, but people still showed up anyway.  People came from all over the country. 

This is PA's thing he towed from San Diego.  He was coordinating the event.

The guy with the camera is Frank Pinto.  He is a friend from the first Thing Show we ever attended in Asheville, North Carolina (back in July 2001).  He films the shows and in Asheville he interviewed the kids about our Thing. We never saw the footage until two years later when we ran into him at this show!

This is our very first booth setup at the 'Things in the Sun' Show.  We were getting all of of our merchandise ready for sale and had all of our electronic equipment out and ready for business.  THEN all of a sudden there was this huge gust of wind that came and lifted our tent with all of our products thirty feet in the air and then rolled down the hill and towards some cars.  Someone jumped in front of the tent and saved the cars from damage.  Our tent had holes burned through the roof and the metal bars broke.  Our stickers blew across the hill and we were trying to catch all of them.  The equipment we had in our booth was now out in the open and we had to hurry to get it back in the motor home.  It was very crazy, but we had people that were helping us and we were able to get the stuff put away.  All we could do is laugh after we got everything put away and call this a hell of a first show.

We went back to Campland after the show, got a new tent, and got ready for the next show at the Pacific Beach Block Party.  They were expecting 100,000 people at this event so we had a lot of work to do.

At the Pacific Beach Block Party and no winds were expected today!  Seriously, wind sucks with tents.

We were nervous because this was the our first show that we had to pay to attend.  The wind made us shut down at the Thing Show before we were even able to sell anything.

Here is our first customer ever!  The show went pretty good and we made a lot of custom shirts for people.  It is really funny what people come up with to put on a shirt or a sticker.  We had fun and learned a lot.

Austin took some time off and went to the skate park after the Pacific Beach Block Party.  

At the skate park we met a guy and his kid and they let us take their quad out for a spin.  Here is Kesley cruising around.

                          Sunny going around the field.

Our friend Rian from Las Vegas came to visit us again and we all went to Sea World.  We love when Rian comes to visit!


We bought the bucket Sunny has to save money on Cotton Candy when we go to Sea World. They're very generous and don't care much about the bucket size.

This is one of the banners we made for Jenn's brother's school in Port Aransas, TX.  It came out so great!

                                     Over the bay. 

In San Diego we were watching the lunar eclipse through Ed's sighting scope and binoculars.  Ed always has the fun stuff!

                             The eclipse over San Diego.

     A close-up of the moon as the earth's shadow passes over it.

As we were leaving the library one day Jenn saw this lady wearing this military jacket and caught a glimpse of the name on the front of it.  When she saw that the name on the jacket was Wren she had to have it for our friend Wren who is around eight years old  in Alaska.  His dad is the one on the Ace Tattoo experience page.  We chased the lady down the street and told her how we have this friend in Alaska with the same name and we never find anything with his name because it is not very common.  His dad is in the Coast Guard and Wren is very into the military.  We offered the lady $20 for the jacket, she took it, emptied the jacket, took it off, and handed it over to us!  So we sent the jacket to Wren and he loved it!

We made this sign for Mitty's farm in San Antonio, Texas. (Greg's Mom)

At the Pacific Ocean where we go and watch the sunset.

              A view from the boardwalk along the beach.

      We made this sticker for our friend PA to put on his Thing.

 This is our friend PA and his shirt that we made for him.  

Kesley getting ready for the talent show at Campland, she sang Skater Boy by Avril Lavigne.

There was a DJ dance party at Campland and the kids had fun!

    Chantal, Robert, Lee, Chrissy, Chelsea, Terra, and Heather.

                                        Javigne and Max.

Lee is hilarious, he will make you laugh so much!

                                  Austin doesn't get it yet.

It was really cool to see all the kids dancing with each other, they are always running, kicking, biking, skating, rolling, and falling all over the place so this was a change.

          Kesley with Javigne's little brother.

This is a great picture of the guy who was just having a great time dancing around!

The kids have been pretty busy here at Campland this month.  With all the activities they have here they are always doing something!


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