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November 2003

Hello fellow naked families! We finally left Salem, Mass and took about a week to drive to Dallas for the first annual punkymoms.com Bazaar (more on that later).

Fall in New England is the best. This is a rest area in New York state that we spent the night. Nice yard, right?

Mornin' coffee. That's an early mornin' stoned pimp layin' on the ground.

Daisy prefers inside.

We 'boondocked' all the way from Salem to Dallas - six nights, seven days. 'BoonDocking' is what RV'ers call spending the night without hookups in a parking lot somewhere.  We dig 'retail campin' - here we are in a Wal-Mart parking lot. They sell Walls to our Hollywood friend P. Hilton.

RV'ers call it boondocking so they don't have to 'overnight park'. Technically we're supposed to talk with the management at Wal-Mart and its always courteous to buy some walls the next day.

Rest areas are another great place to sleep. This one was especially nice because the highway was on the opposite side of the hill the picture was taken blocking most highway noise. We had a few semi's parked next to us which helps keep us asleep - the purring diesels!

When boondocking, everything has to be conserved. The lighting, TVs, computers, and water pump run off of deep cycle 12V batteries. We have an enormous water tank and holding tanks but are cautious about filling them because of the weight (gas mileage, safety thing). We run our generator when needed to use the microwave and the refrigerator, stove, and heater runs off propane. The kids and ourselves learn to be very conservative with electric, gas, propane, water, and wastewater. Here we have a shower ticket to take long, hot showers at the Flying J truck stop!

This is our first time to take showers at a truck stop. The kids have always been curious about the 'Drivers Lounge' - sounded like such a special place! Turns out it is - the drivers are hanging around a living room watching TV. The showers are managed on a TV monitor that has your ticket # and shower # when ready. 

We usually hookup at an RV park and have even filled the water tank for water pump showers inside the RV while driving or parked in a rest area/Wal-Mart. Since we've never taken a truck stop shower and we stank, we decided it would be worth the experience, and it was!

Just wait your turn, get assigned your shower #, punch in your code....

They're like a hotel bathroom inside. You get a towel and washcloth, toilet, sink, seat, and large hot shower. They allowed us all into one and they're not timed. We took our time.

We finally arrived in Texas and our first stop was Mexican food at one of our favorite chains - Taco Cabana!!

Austin needed and wanted a haircut.

Inspired by Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies!

Chris Jericho - inspired by Greg of the BareNakedFamily! Too many people thought Greg was Chris so we found this sticker and colored his hair.

We found these cool spikey necklaces in Dallas.

Kesley dressed for our BareNakedFamily date night to Dicks Last Resort.

Joey Seeman is an artist Daddy that is very cool and good with his son, Alex. Joey is married to Punkymoms Jessica and they live in Dallas. We were pretty lucky and got invited to have dinner with them before the first annual punkymoms bazaar.

Alex is a rock star. Perhaps you recognize him from PunkTV?

This is Greg and Alex in the studio working on their next hit single - ah ba, bah, lah.

This is common in Texas.

Punkymoms bazaar - this was very cool seeing so many parents that didn't buy the typical agreements and they were fantastic, colored hair, tattooed, pierced, and loving parents! Jessica has started this punkymoms movement that has spread across the nation and brought like minded moms together. She also sells stuff on Ebay which you can link to from her site. We encourage you to visit her site and buy some of her stuff to help them get their house!

These guys were also travelers that we got to spend some time with at the bazaar. It was so refreshing to meet people that weren't afraid to express themselves and be who they want to be.

We also learned where you can get a cheap camera this month... Thanks for the pic Casey!

This is our new friend, Don. He heard about the BareNakedFamily on Boston radio and took the time to email us about how he found us and what he thought. He wants to do something similar and is working on shedding his agreements too.

If you know who you are, you know what to do. -Thomas Kramer


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