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November 02 Pictures

This is Tuzigoot National Monument in Arizona.

The girls hanging out.

Here you can see the ruins.

Going through a puddle in the Volkswagen.

Jenn in the motorhome.

In Prescott we visited the zoo and this tiger showed us that he did not want us looking at him.

Here are the kids in front of Carrotop's bus, he had come to do a show in Prescott.

The kids with Carrotop. You know - 1-800-CALLATT? Free for you and cheap for them.

The kids at White Sands, New Mexico.

Playing in the sand.


The kids trying to slide down the dunes. We took the trucks off Austin's skateboard and had a blast.

We went to Carlsbad Caverns and had fun walking through the cave.

This is the cafeteria 750ft underground where we ate lunch.

The kids getting their fifth Junior Ranger badges.

Here they are with their patches.


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