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October 2003 Pictures

Hey Campahs! How ahe ya? BARENAKEDFAMILY lived out October 2003 in Salem, Mass. That makes 2.5 months we've been chilling on Wintah Island without a sewah hookup. Wintah Island is technically a City Pahk where they let ya 'camp'. They have limited watah and electric sites for ah.V.'s only and limited tent sites with no hookups. They have an awesome staff that takes care of things and became great friends to us. The Showahs and restrooms are clean and you only have to drive about a mile to the city sewage treatment to dump tanks. We have pretty big holding tanks in ah ah.V. so when we didn't dump ah trunk ovah the edge into Salem Hahbah - we had to go to the city dump about once a week. Just kidding Chah'lie, we didn't dump into the hahbah!

One of the sites we had. The pics from Septembah show us in the field. We had to move sites a lot because we didn't make resahvations.

Neah the beginning of the month we drove the VW cah on the longest road trip we've taken in it yet - to Winsted, CT to see our newest bestest friends the Gilleys. That's Sunny and Mariel with the girls. Maybe you remembah the Gilley's from ah Chicago and Niagara pages?

That's Jenn Gilley and some strange man we met at the pizza joint. She claimed it to be Jon but we think he was abducted by aliens in Niagara.

We had a slumber party in this cool old house Jen Gilley grew up in. Her parents still live here and were brave enough to allow the BARENAKEDFAMILY (including dogs) a place to sleep. Perhaps they did not know until morning... We also got to meet Jen's sister Richelle that lives in New York now.

Something interesting about spending the night away from our MoHo - it feels like coming home when we get back. We miss ah beds and home even though it is an ah.V. -  it has become ah home. And above is one of ah many backyahds!

Back at Wintah Island. Pah-haps you can tell why we didn't leave Salem too soon. They actually close the pahk to campahs the day aftah we left.

Daisy loves hah home too. The hat does stay on. As we'ah writing this we'ah driving through somewhah Virginia and Daisy is laying on this same cahpet.

We met the coolest family while in Salem that run this restaurant and club called Roosevelt's (on Derby St. - you gotta go if you'ah in Salem!). That's Henry and Jinx with the kids. It's in a really old building that was built on top of paht of the old graveyahd. YOU MOVED THE STONES BUT YOU DIDN'T MOVE THE BODIES! Actually we'ah not sure but we dig the movie Poltahgeist.

So Henry tells us the place is haunted and they all have cool haunted stories about the place. We took about 30 picshahs and shae some of the best with ya he-ya. The digital camah is set to basically really long exposhah - check out the three green lights (orbs?) that string left to right. Thes a fouahth on the right side of the pic. Hmmm. This ayea is considahd one of the hotspots. Jenn and Greg both got a chill in this ayea.

This picshah was taken in the same spot but shot to the right slightly. Kesley ghost is at the bottom left of the shot. Out the windows is Salem's Old Burying Ground wheah a Mayflowah pilgahim and a Judge (Hathorne) that presided ovah the witch trials is buyied (from Nov pics). On the picshah above this one you'll notice we ah a floe above. We ah actually on the thud floe which looks down on the graveyahd. The floe just below us is at grave level. The main entry floe, dining, and bah is about six feet below the gravestones - coincidence - we think not.

The table at bottom centah is an old phonograph that plays on its own with no powah or recohd. The music can be heahd through the ductwork. The 'Ghost' hides keys heya too.

This is looking up the staihs to the windows of the floe we wuh just on. Again, long exposhah - reflection or supah natchal? Henry told us he saw a full on apparition of a woman heya. They named heah Virginia for some coincidental reason and latah learned that was what she was named by the previous tenants of the building. They say she likes to move and hide keys around the building.

Greg caught this apparition in the mirrah at Grave level. On the othah side of the wall there is the gravestones. It appeahs that this appahition has come out of its grave, through the mirror, and is going to get Greg. Greg doesn't seem too concehned while taking this picture but he is now a zombie in training.

This statue's reflection appeahs on a gravestone as you look out one of the windows from the top flooh. Doesn't seem possible but it happens. So to all of you that say ghosts don't exist - there's your proof you frickin' retahded idiots.

And the beat goes on.

A good Juniah Rangeah never feeds the wildlife. We'd put this dog food on the table and they'd come steal it evehy time. Those little bastahds.

What'd you call me!

I'm crazy racoon eyes guy.

We must've stayed up way too late watching the raccoons because Kes and Austin wehe not getting along the next day.


Greg's Dad came to see us in Salem. He likes to play with his feet in Dunkin Donuts.

This is what Greg and his Dad looked like growing up.

Kesley wanted some tips for heh new Bahbie - Sunny says. Kesley says - Dad! I do not wanna new Barbie! And then she punched me. Rrrrrr. And Sunny says her butt itches.

See what happens when you let the girls write for the site....

These Stahving Ahtists wehe pehfohming at the Bizahhe Bazaah in Salem. They were vehy good and theih CD rocks too. Check 'em out at http://www.brandeis.edu/~s_artists 

Dad on the left. No wait. That's him on the right. No, left. Um, anyone?

They'he both goofballs. The one on the right is our retah'ded adopted stepfathah Captain Casey from Wintah Island. The one on the left is our physically challenged Texas drawel'in chapjim Dad that's just slightly crazy. Ok. He's full blown nuts. We know they don't look a lot alike, but if you met 'em.... I love it. I love your family. My kids. The love. The help. These guys are on a mission and we love them both so much.

And this is Joe - our adopted best friend in show biz that hooked us up!

Check out our BNL Show Experience - best yet! Our Pro-Fan'ity was not denied!

And those are our adopted mannequins that have some style that we'll never see.

And if we don't fix Dad's truck he'll never leave.

So we can go have a hoity toity dinnah at Macy's in the mall. 

At the end of the month we hooked up with Beelzebub to check out Salem on Halloween! Peh-haps you did not know:

In 835 A.D. Pope Gregory IV moved the church's "Feast of All Saints" from the spring to November 1st to replace the observance of Samhain. All Saint's Day, still observed today by many Christians, honored believers who had died. The night before, which featured a sacred vigil in church, became known as "All Hallow's Eve," or Halloween.

- excerpt from the Christian Broadcasting Network website.


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