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September 2003 Pictures

Austin celebrated his 11th birthday in Salem and got some really cool stuff this year.  We had a hard time shopping for him because he has really grown out of the typical toys in the toy aisle so we put our heads together and came up with some rockin' image stuff!

Here is a great CD worth buying!  We have all enjoyed Good Charlotte, they remind us of  San Diego.

We are all fans of the show jackass and were all done buying Austin's gifts when Jenn and the girls stumbled on this wristband and knew it had Austin written all over it.


Don't let Austin's good looks and sense for fashion fool you, underneath it all the kid has a brilliant mind!  We have to find him things that will challenge his mind and this metal detector has been something that he has wanted for a long time. The funny thing is the city park we are staying at says we are not allowed to use metal detectors here so we do it secretly.


There are some times when Austin does not feel like being challenged so that's when we break out the SpongeBob game.

Now we told you that Austin has a taste for fashion and now he has the smell of man.  Axe was another gift and actually works to mask bathroom odors as well.

This was one Austin's favorite gifts, flaming Converse high tops to match Greg's.  These things seemed to be cheaper in the 80's, but make for some really cool gear.

We met K.C. here at Winter Island Park in Salem and he quickly became a good friend.  He came over to join Austin on his birthday.  K.C. bears a striking personality resemblance to Greg's dad.  

We were so excited that our friend Jacob, who we met in Malibu, drove up from New Jersey to see us!  It had been over a year since we had seen him and he is always a friendly face that we love to have around.  Jacob had been full timing in his bus when we met up with him in California and has since returned and is working on his next adventure, sailing around the world.  He rocks!

Check out our Boston Experience with Jacob!

After being in Salem way too long, we ended up in the Salem Beer Works brewery.  This place knows how to make food. Everything is great, the people are friendly, and the kids have played countless games of pool when they are not performing on the stage.

Sunny takes her pool very seriously and will let you know.

When she is not playing pool she is always good for spicing up the pictures.

She is just one of the best divas you will ever find.

East Coast Playas' Club. Don't miss our Salem Experience.

When we aren't cruising in the Bentley spending G's, we are chiilin' in the MoHo.

The kids found this lobster trap on the beach and tried to rewire it and make it work again.  They were determined to try and catch something in the water and had already constructed many other projects that they fished with.  They have built a cool fort on the beach and are always looking for stuff to supply it with.

The Harvest Moon rising over Salem.


We went on a walk through the Salem Willows neighborhood near the RV park and enjoyed the old houses and the beach views. 

The kids are always searching for beach glass, shells, and lobster buoys to send to their Grandparents in Texas.  Grandpa is a fisherman in Texas and enjoys seeing the different equipment used to fish.  The people in Texas are not familiar with Lobster buoys and traps. We have collected many buoys off the beach to take to them.

During hurricane Isabelle the waves around the harbor were huge and the docks were rocking like crazy!  The hurricane kept us on our toes because it was a powerful storm and came near the area we were staying.  As we were hanging out on the docks the water taxi captain offered us a ride on the boat through the harbor.  Heck yeah!

The captain is a free spirit himself and has been living aboard his sailboat for 2 years.  He told us that he has traveled all over the eastern seaboard and down to the Caribbean.


This is his sailboat. It is equipped with batteries charged by a wind powered generator and solar panels. Jugs of diesel gas for the motor and regular gas for a generator are on deck. They are equipped with tons of stuff needed to live aboard in all kinds of weather. 

This was taken on the water taxi going through the harbor - normally the water is smooth but because of the hurricane the waves were about 3-4 feet.

A cool pic of the MoHo lit up at night.

These are the lights that Sunny insisted that we hang up.  It took about 3 or 4 methods till we found something that would work.  It was patience and silicone.


While in Salem we hooked up with George and Pat.  Pat was watching us make some of our t-shirts and had to come over to see how we were doing them.  After she watched for awhile she was so impressed with it and had to bring George over to check it out.  They invited us to go out on their 40 ft. sailboat for the last ride of the season before they pulled it out of the water to store it for the winter.

We took another water taxi ride to the mooring where the boat was docked and boarded Precocious, their sailboat. 

George gave us a tour of the inside of the boat.  This thing was roomy. It could sleep 6-8 people, had a great little kitchen, and lots of storage.

Pat and the kids on the bow of the boat as we were leaving the harbor.  

George was kind enough to let the kids drive his boat and help them understand the techniques of driving such a big boat.  

Austin did most of the driving and even did so well that George went down below into the cabin for something.  Austin was in charge of navigating through the very crowded harbor filled with boats and lobster buoys everywhere as George verbally guided him.  Austin understood the things George was teaching him and pulled off a very tight turn all by himself in a wharf that we pulled into. Austin even pulled the boat to its mooring by himself his first try! There's saltwater running through that boys blood. (gets it from grandpa).

Austin and his frickin' swans. Remember the swans from Dec '02 pix? At least this was one in the wild. Trying to get on the boat. These are BIG birds and we were told they will get on the boat.

We have enjoyed the Salem area and recommend it to anyone!  It has been cool meeting all the neat people, seeing such old sites, and learning about the culture of New England.


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