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Volleyball, Family, camping, ideas, reggae, love, Families Rock, Weed, Rent a Family, and God.

Nate and Sarah joined Isaac and Johnna and bnf for some beach volleyball happy hour.  Too bad the place isn't used to having kids there and they made comments every few minutes about something the kids were doing.  Drove us a little crazy, but the beer was good and the company was priceless.

Then we cruised over to Barton Springs for some white trash Family fun swimming for free under the pool in the 'no swimming' area.

As always, J.D. Fortune travels with us everywhere reminding us that we are dreamers and human beings that are loved and important to this world. (that's the ring JD of INXS gave us off his finger)

The most awesome Dad in the world!  I love this man more than he knows and he is one of the only PURE bnf lovers!  Jenn's Dad has always given us the courage to be who we are and live our dreams no matter who we are and what we do.  He has traveled the seas all over this world and understands our desire of something wonderful.  He reminds us not to listen to anyone else that tries to change us or tell us any different and yes, that is Jennifer Rose tattooed on the top of his arm!  I love my Dad so much!

Jenn's side of her big Mexican Family at the Canyon Lake house!

Austin getting his first wakeboarding lesson from Uncle Ern.  Basically the lesson ~ drop that ass and bend those knees.  Ern's hands showing how to drop that ass and bend those knees.  "Austin, you just have to drop that ass and bend those knees".

Dropping that ass and bending those knees makes a mama proud!

Nothing like seeing your cousin drop his ass and bend his knees.

After dropping his ass and bending his knees so much, we took Austin and the BlackSheepFamily camping in Bastrop for some brainstorming for Families Rock.  We have not 'Real American Camped' in years meaning without the RV and all the lacquer.  Just tents, sleeping bags, and some good friends.

From BNF now Friday April 21, '06 after camping... and thinking...

barenakedfamily ~ with less. for Family. Family that has taken a backseat too long... We not only called shotgun ~ We're taking it!

Sammy Hagar is doing a concert that's very affordable ~ $10 for an international superstar! Comes to over $70 after fees for all five of us. One day out like that will easily go way over $100. Then there's the gas, near $3/gallon in most places now. Meanwhile what about the Groceries? mortgage? car payments? Insurance ~ Auto / medical / house / renters / life / dental / fraud... Banking and investing? savings... retirement... Activities? college... soccer... gymnastics... scouts... School? ~ clothes...  supplies... summer camps... child care... All this stress, all the control meds? Prozac, Addarall, Ritalin, Zoloft, Penicillin, and all the vaccinations and vitamins and supplements... Counseling? marriage... kids... parenting... pets... substances... debt... What else? there's more that society insists we 'NEED' _______. We NEED more than $50k/year? $70k/year? NEED to be a millionaire? NEED to be apart... separate rooms, separate lives, separate jobs, training, educations... to be a Family, together?!?

Can't make it here anymore? (James McMurtry track #3).
Can we make it here anymore? On how much less?
How barenaked can a Family get??

how far can a Family fly??

Fly... like a stressed out black and red devil bird? Worried about money? enough insurance? Legal or illegal drugs? Intervention or counseling? ...perhaps he's just chillin. Perhaps that twitch is just a tick... or mite... it be... he's looking at me wondering what I'm doing with all this lacquer. All this to make me look pretty, or smart, shiny and clean. All that... out there... to save me. Nothing saving the bird. It is saved. Safe by experience. Bird brain faith? Right Now knowledge. The wiser bird. Free Will. Free to fly. Free to sing. Free to eat. Free to crap on my head and laugh because that is funny.

That bird crapped on your head!

And I get pissed? My anger... my hate...

All that is. All that should be. When, when did we stop not worrying? When did we think it was more important to shine than to FLY? Free. When did we ground ourselves with all that lacquer? When did we grow up?

The blood... the pain... passed down from us? "what's the matter with you?" (divorce? confusion? abuse? failures? shallow success? ego? dreams lost? grounded? growing up?). When did work become more important than survival... the survival from all that is now. All that creates the worry. The fear. Why can't I let go of all that is pain / hate / anger / fear? What will they think? What should I do? They tell me what to do... to believe... they save me, for I AM... a sheep? They say my answers must be wrong ~ something wrong with me. I pass... I fail... I AM conditioned to believe THEY. My flight grounded. My worries. My victim. My life. They suck. They lie. They do not know the bird that I AM.

I grew up. I learned to hate the mosquitoes... the heat... the dirt, mud, greasy hair and smelly pits. I grew up and learned to hate. Learned to be uncomfortable. Learned to listen and believe that I can't know. Learned that I can't play... with fire. don't know. ego. learn. condition. They lie. I AM. I right now seek more 'UN' ~ school, bank, debt, meds... un-learning is hard... to hate.

good nite

During our camping trip we took a short trip to some snake infested waters for the kids to swim.  'Get back in there, we paid the park fee for you to swim!'  Seriously, Isaac and the kids were all in the water swimming when we noticed a huge three foot water moccasin swimming by.  We warned them about the snake while they were in the water and they all started looking around for it.  Isaac had no idea where it was till it swam right up to his Narnia's and looked right at him.  It was funny from the shore but scared the crap out of him.

We all met some days later at the Reggae Festival for some amazing music and great dancing.  The thing about the people in Austin is they are free spirits and come out in force for things like this.  The community is pure and the energy is beautiful!  And the girls found this wicked hot guy to take a picture with.  They definitely have a taste for rock n roll.

Ean was more impressed with the free Koozies and beads.

After a day of jamming to some music and meeting all kinds of great people the sun was setting and we were just taken back by the beauty that is in front of all of us to see if we want to open our eyes to it.  We do.

For Easter we decided to participate in an Easter Egg hunt at a really cool music venue.  You could say that this wasn't up our alley.  We watched a lot of other Families who were, well, stuck in the box?  It's hard to put into words, but you know that feeling where you walk into a room and just don't fit in.  It was like that.  And that's OK.  And the Easter egg hunt?  Well, the kids came back and loudly voiced their opinion that it totally sucked and they were ready to leave.  Yep, we agreed and left.

We fit in much better at a Rock show with Vallejo!

Greg came up with the new Families Rock Sign!  Notice how the thumb is cocked to form an F?

Vallejo is a wicked cool band of brothers and friends that know what it means to respect Family.  Their music is positive and their message is inspiring.  They all got some Families Rock stickers and invited the girls backstage to meet everyone.  Notice they are doing the new Families Rock sign?  And Jenn thinks they are the cleanest guys in rock n roll.  Literally, they always look clean!

After rocking at the Vallejo show we took Isaac, Naomi, and Nate with us to Sixth Street for some pizza and some more live music.  You might remember Eric Tessmer from some other pages on the website.  He is a rock star extraordinaire on the guitar that rivals some of the best guitar players in the world, really.  Think Jimi Hendrix meets Stevie Ray... But since most venues are over 21 that leaves most kids out of his music.  The kids really love seeing him so we have often gone down to the venues where he plays and stand outside to watch his shows.   He recognizes the kids and always gives them his attention even though they can't come in!  This night the kids got up the courage to race past the door guy to tip Eric. Really screwed with the 20 something door guy as he chased five under 13's into the club! Sucks that kids are left out of some really great music and venues, but hell we are going to get them around it one way or another!  Looks like  Eric Tessmer is dropping his ass and bending his knees kids!

Eric Tessmer and his true fans (after being kicked out of the club).  Don't let 'the man' get you down kids.

One Venue that can be cool at times with kids is the world famous Antone's.  Local legends like Stevie Ray Vaughn have played on this stage so it is a real treat when the kids are allowed in.  Tonight we were on the guest list to see our friends, the Guy Forsyth Band, open for Bob Schneider.  We prefer Guy Forsyth any day.  Hands down.  That's what I said.

Clifford Antone and the kids outside the club. The kids aren't with Uncle Clifford again are they? Not Uncle Clifford!! Somebody get the kids!! (Cliffs cool ~ that was a Chris Rock reference)

Austin fulfilling something at the Build a Bear workshop.

The next day we went to see Guy Forsyth at Greg and Jenn's honeymoon palace ~ The Oasis on Lake Travis. When we got there late, they wanted to put us on the waiting list for a table when all we wanted was to see the band. No can do. So we snuck in.

Kes got back up on stage again to sing Bo Diddley's 'Mona' with Guy. These two are awesome together and they were both feeling not too into the vibe there tonight (it's a restaurant, wait for your table, background band music thing).  The awesome musicians that they are they gave it their all and dropped their asses and bent those knees for a great second set that some stayed for after eating.  Colin did a great song about a girl named Jennie and gave Jenn and Greg a fabulous nod during his song.  Makes him and his serial killer van a little less freaky!

The kids are always glad to help with the roadie work in exchange for getting put on the guest lists!  They love helping Guy and the band setup, tear down, and load their gear in and out of shows.

Here's Jenn loving being surrounded by Guy's instruments. This makes her happy and gives Guy the feeling that his stuff ain't gonna get ripped off when he goes to get his car. It's a good relationship.

We visited our friend Milton back at Pecan RV Park and met a new friend while we were there.  Matthew saw us pull up in the VW Thing that has barenakedfamily.com on the side and came over to thank us for the webpage on Pecan Grove.  He found Pecan Grove and bnf while trying to find RV parks in Austin.  Good choice.  He travels around and makes original jewelry out of titanium.  His designs are incredible and the materials are unique!  This stuff truly rocked and we spent a long time looking at all his pieces.

We told him about our art... Here's some Weed and art for you...

Weed in California with their new Families Rock shirts and art!

The kids were invited to display their album art at the ATX Fest, so we took full advantage of networking Families Rock while we were there.  Notice the cool glitter sign we made promoting Families Rock?

Families Rock scored their first Podcast interview at the ATX Fest!  This guy (Blakely? Blain?) from Georgia was totally into Families Rock and what it stood for, and he's single without kids!

Got him doing the new Families Rock sign!  I believe he is also dropping his ass and bending his knees...

Ephraim is an amazing horn player and rocked out with Guy Forsyth at Antone's the night we went.  He commented on how the Family's energy in the front row made the show for them.  Kes gave him one of her grizzly hugs before his show this day and he felt the love.

Finally we got to see the world famous Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players!  They are a traveling Family that gets slides from thrift stores, garage sales, and estate sales of complete strangers and writes music to each set of slides while running a slide show.  Dad plays keyboard and writes the music, the daughter plays the drums and sings along, and Mom runs the slideshow and sings as well.  They are truly creative people and are so much fun to watch and be with.  We have been following their website for over a year and got in touch with them while they were here and they were kind enough to put us on the guest list for their show!  We got to meet thej before the show and knew that we were going to be great friends!  We have so much in common about where we grew up and how we have lived plus the kids hit it off right away.  We got to meet Tina's mom who was up from San Antonio celebrating her 50th wedding anniversary (apparently Dad's had enough of the show).  She is a sweet lady that took us in right away and we all fell in love and lived happily ever after.

The next day we met the Trachtenburg Family for breakfast with some friends and Family (Dad can still stand eating with them). We had some juicy breakfast taco's at Amaya's before they flew back home to New York City.  Man, we fell in love with this Family and just felt validated as a different Family in the world.  You could say we 'sealed the deal' because 'the technology's there'. Thanks for all the great new material Jason! 

bnf and the Trachtenberg Family.  F-in glad to meet these guys!

Nearing the end of the month, we moved onto Rent a Family to keep creating the the very thing that separates us from everyone else in the world ~ Families Rock!  It's time again to raise funds and awareness for Families Rock website, list, reviews, growth, shows, and events. We hit the 'hoods disturbing the 'peace' with the help of a few good friends.  That morning (okay, afternoon ~ we research shows late into the night) ~ we hooked up with the BlackSheepFamily to set some goals and get the kids ready.  As we were standing by the cars discussing what we were going to do, this guy and his wife and kid drives by gawking at the both of our Families.  He was so deeply 'disturbed' by the gathering of our two Families and the image we portray that he felt compelled to stick his head out his car window backwards as he was leaving and yell 'I think you guys are a bit extreme!'. What's that mean?  Now let's think about this barenaked friends.  We're guessing from his appearance that he felt so troubled, choked up, and uncomfortable that Families could or would look like this in his area... his subdivision... his local public park that he couldn't just drive by without saying anything.  This guy may think that we all should look more 'conservative' like him? Right and wrong?  For a 'Look'?  For Being Human?  Loving like the eleven us that day?  Yep, we love him.  We loved him more than he could ever know.  He is what we needed to continue doing what we do, being who we are. He gave us the courage to go out in force and spread our 'extreme' message of working, learning, and playing together.  This guy is what we needed and he was sent to us as a reminder that Jesus, God, deity of your choice puts each one of us unique people here on earth to find, relate, and learn from others.  Who is going to relate to people who look like us?  Who loves like us?  Is he?  Is he going to stop and make friends or is he going to hide behind his window and yell?  Is he going to wait for someone more like him?  That's fine.  Good for him.  I am sure he will find someone like him, but what about the people that aren't like him?  Whose going to befriend them?  Ahhh, we are going to.  That's who we are.  We are different and we love you, whoever and whatever you are and look like.  We don't want to be invisible.  We want to be seen and known for who we are.  It's too bad that he didn't stick around to see that these two Families were just about to grab each of our eleven hands and say a prayer and be thankful for each and every one of us who came together because of the UnpluggedFamily who also 'looks' different than him.  Saying a prayer and asking for the courage to continue to spread our message and bring us the work we need to keep Families Rock going.  And being thankful for the ideas and the people that have come together over Families Rock!  Is that a bit extreme?  Well, someone should have told him that extreme is already taken and we love the crap out of them too! So, chew on this...

I'm the son of raging love
The Jesus of Suburbia
From the bible of none of the above
On a steady diet of soda pop and Ritalin
No one ever died for my sins in hell
As far as I can tell
At least the ones I got away with

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me

Get my television fix sitting on my crucifix
The living room or my private womb
While the moms and brads are away
To fall in love and fall in debt
To alcohol and cigarettes and Mary Jane
To keep me insane and doing someone else's cocaine

And there's nothing wrong with me
This is how I'm supposed to be
In a land of make believe
That don't believe in me

At the center of the Earth
In the parking lot
Of the 7-11 where I was taught
The motto was just a lie
It says home is where your heart is
But what a shame
Cause everyone's heart
Doesn't beat the same
It's beating out of time

City of the dead
At the end of another lost highway
Signs misleading to nowhere
City of the damned
Lost children with dirty faces today
No one really seems to care

I read the graffiti
In the bathroom stall
Like the holy scriptures of a shopping mall
And so it seemed to confess
It didn't say much
But it only confirmed that
The center of the earth
Is the end of the world
And I could really care less

City of the dead
At the end of another lost highway
Signs misleading to nowhere
City of the damned
Lost children with dirty faces today
No one really seems to careeeeee

I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't
I don't care if you don't care

I don't careeeeeeeeee

Everyone is so full of shit
Born and raised by hypocrites
Hearts recycled but never saved
From the cradle to the grave
We are the kids of war and peace
From Anaheim to the middle east
We are the stories and disciples
Of the Jesus of suburbia
Land of make believe
And it don't believe in me
Land of make believe
And I don't believe
And I don't care!
I don't care!

Dearly beloved are you listening?
I can't remember a word that you were saying
Are we demented or am I disturbed?
The space that's in between insane and insecure
Oh therapy, can you please fill the void?
Am I retarded or am I just overjoyed
Nobody's perfect and I stand accused
For lack of a better word, and that's my best excuse

To live and not to breathe
Is to die In tragedy
To run, to run away
To find what you believe
And I leave behind
This hurricane of fucking lies
I lost my faith to this
This town that don't exist

So I run
I run away
To the light of masochist
And I leave behind
This hurricane of fucking lies
And I walked this line
A million and one fucking times
But not this time

I don't feel any shame
I won't apologize

When there ain't nowhere you can go
Running away from pain
When you've been victimized
Tales from another broken home

You're leaving...
You're leaving...
You're leaving...
Ah you're leaving home... 

- Jesus of Suburbia, Green Day

In the neighborhoods flyering our message and working on setting appointments to take on chores to help Families spend more time together... including ours ~ working together with the kids.  Thanks to Naomi for the kick ass flyers, you rock!

A bit extreme...heading to Wal-Mart to feed the troops.  After flyering all the cars in the parking lot with Families Rock flyers!

After working in the heat we decided to take our extremeness to Barton Springs where we met people who were more comfortable with people like us.  As we were all playing and relaxing in the water Greg sat on a rock on the shore writing down some of his thoughts and dreams from the day.  All the energy we had with the Lehr Family and all the fun we had while working on Families Rock.  All the things we would like to continue to do.  Then he heard a two year old crying right behind him.  She was screaming and the parents where trying to figure out what she was upset about.  They put her down into her stroller but she continued crying.  Greg looked back at them and started talking to the Dad.  They apologized for the baby crying and Greg just smiled and said 'look over there that's my crew...All eleven of them!'  They all chuckled and felt better about the baby crying.  Greg hit it off and started talking about Families Rock and what we do.  The Dad, John, thought it was a really cool thing and reached down to pick the girl out of the stroller.  Still crying in her Dad's arms, she reached out towards Greg and he gave her five.  She was still crying and reaching for Greg before he realized that the whole time she had been crying all she wanted was his pencil.  He gladly gave her his pencil and she reached for his journal that he had been writing his dreams in.  He gave it to her and she doodled in it for a brief moment before she just tucked that notepad and pencil under her chin and fell right to sleep on our dreams.  The best moment of our day and quite possibly in the history of Families Rock.  I am glad that we were there to relate to her.  To relate to her Family. To hear the message of peace from her unconditioned soul.

Then off to more babies and Families.  Believe it or not there is a real need for Families.  For Families to rock and come together.  To find that fellowship that is so easily passed up by those who think they have it all figured out.  Well, people like us and this baby's Family and John's Family and the BlacksheepFamily, the UnpluggedFamily, The FreeRangeFamily, the OberholtzerFamily, the RoadSchoolFamily, the ExtremeFamily, the Weed Family and so many more out there know that we don't have it all figured out but we're willing to open our minds and learn from each other.

Yeah, I think we are doing the right thing.

Mother told me, yes, she told me I'd meet girls like you.
She also told me, "Stay away, you'll never know what you'll catch."
Just the other day I heard a soldier falling off some Indonesian junk that's going round.

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird.
Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away, ay, ay, ay.

Father says, "Your mother's right, she's really up on things."
"Before we married, Mommy served in the WACS in the Philippines."
Now, I had heard the WACS recruited old maids for the war.
But mommy isn't one of those, I've known her all these years.

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird.
Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away, ay, ay, ay.

Whatever happened to all this season's losers of the year?
Ev'ry time I got to thinking, where'd they disappear?
When I woke up, Mom and Dad are rolling on the couch.
Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my Kiss records out.

Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright, they just seem a little weird.
Surrender, surrender, but don't give yourself away, ay, ay, ay.


Surrender ~ Cheap Trick



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