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April '04 Pictures

Second month of house sitting in our friends Grand Mansion on Mission Beach. A killer 700 square feet! We're livin' large, baby.

Finally got our kids Christmas presents sent up from Uncle Abel back in Texas. We've been hiding from him...

We hung out with Weed most of April. When you're losing energy in the San Diego area ~ you MUST go visit The Living Room Cafe & Bistro in Old Town. Best coffee shop ever.

And we believe it's their logo that makes them so friggin' cool.

That's Kesley (9), Sunny (8), and Brenon (5). We're counting on them to make us a living.

And believe that we could always fall back on Colton's wisdom.




A real Ladies Man.

Got to see Greg's other Mom and Sister when they visited San Diego from their new hometown, Issaquah. Why does that sound familiar? That's where we started our RV life back in May '01! Told them about Issaquah when they were checking out the North West when they decided to leave Sacramento. They chose Issaquah! How cool is that? Plus, they came and saw us in San Diego. How cool is that! Love you guys ~ Jeanne and Camie Famie.

Brenon and Sunny decided to get married this April.

Fortunately, Brenon's dad was able and willing to do the ceremony. We're not sure if it was legal or not.

Soon after, Brenon turned six and we threw him a surprise B-day party. We think the B-day was legal (except maybe that we didn't tell the park we had kids to save a buck?!?)

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, it sucks giving birrrr ~ rrrth and I'm glad you are six. Ow.

Phhhhttttt dribble splat. Anyone want cake?

Or how about a ride on this giant turd? The world's largest turd is a must on any six year old B-day party.

And so, April '04 was relatively uneventful. We worked hard 'getting it together' and forgot where we put it. Ha. That was dumb, but we're re-tahted ever since leaving Boston. taH - Ah! Wheh AH Ya?


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