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August '04 Pictures

Wednesday August 04, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now 

Rent A Family got some local San Diego news and radio coverage ~ we've also gone out store to store and delivered flyers for our Rent a Family campaign. We're working together as a Family! We've already been hired to help paint a house, clean carpets, wash windows, cars, and dogs. We've weeded gardens and cleared hillsides. The possibilities are endless! We suggest you go Rent out your Family ~ Work together ~ It feels great!

Hey there So-Calaniacs. August finds us in Escondido, CA which is a suburb of San Diego ~ about 30 mins to downtown SD. Gets hot here during the day but cools off nicely at night ~ 95/68 'ish. It's supposedly in the desert, you know the story ~ dry heat. Hah! It's humid and sticky here with desert ground where it's not irrigated. Don't get us wrong, we like it here it's just NOT a desert like dry heat. The cool nights are very cool. How cool is that?

BAM! That's the sound of a hockey player getting slammed into the wall. We went with our friends in Escondido to see their Dad fight, uh, well ~ they call it 'playing hockey'. It was a good game.

After they beat the crap out of each other, they seem to really like one another and even drink beer in the parking lot afterwards.

Austin tried his "Heely's" on ice and bit the dust right after this pic... unintentionally unlike other stunt falls he loves to do so much.

Jonathan, Kesley, Austin, Sunny, Robert, and Elizabeth in front of crazy iceman guy.

Sunny and Kesley? Jenna and Barbara? Paris and Nicole? They resemble someone enough to have taken the mag...


In an off my turf showdown. Timon lost.

"Neighbors are talking about ur car"

And the local car wash.

Nicole is the girls friend from Escondido. She would come stay in the park with her Grandma who was building their house on land that burned last year in the Julian fires.

Greg's dad came to SD to see us. We took him to the beach in Oceanside.

He's a Texan. They really don't have waves in Texas. He was more excited than the kids.

Dave and Raquel are very cool friends we met while in Escondido. They are a traveling couple that live in a bus (down by the river). Raquel is from Paraguay and Dave met her while traveling for his lame-o job of race car driver. These guys were very cool. Did we mention we liked them?

Sold our mobile graphics business in August.

This would be a cool kid in San Diego's gas-lamp district. This district is in downtown SD near the new ball field and has undergone a tremendous re-growth in the past decade or so. It's a very cool place lined with bars, restaurants, shops, and condos set in a historic mode.

This was on the side of the Hard Rock Cafe building. When we started this whole barenakedfamily thing, we had no idea why any of these people were important. Since, we've watched Jimi and Janis in Woodstock and experienced their accomplishments and some of their stuff up close at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. We got to see the 'Strawberry Fields' monument to John Lennon and the building where he was murdered and Yoko still lives. We have all learned of his efforts towards peace and unity and his significant contributions through his art. We visited the Whisky a Go Go where Jim Morrison played a historic show and we watched 'The Doors' movie as a Family (so NOT for the faint of heart or those that aren't prepared to educate their kids about taboo subjects). We learned together about Jim's art and poetry expressed through his experience of life ~ and we get Wayne's World and the naked Indian thing so much better now. We also have visited Graceland and truly LOVE everything Elvis now. As the king of Rock n Roll his rebellion was mostly evident prior to knowing of his accomplishments. Elvis was a generous philanthropist and gospel singer. He gave of himself and was loved dearly by those that knew him.

These people have brought so much good to this world.

So you go ye of littleness with red dyed hair and heavy fast drumsticks. You go bring some good to this world.

Harmonica man has brought us a moment of happiness...

And pure joy. That really seems sooo wrong though, doesn't it?!? The diner next to her got a good laugh with us.

Austin Burgundy ~ Anchor Boy.

Travis Pastrana. Racing Boy.

Barenaked kids and a sunset.

Sunny sunset.

This place is kinda hard to find. If you go to San Diego, find it. Great stuff!

We pretty much zipped through the memorabilia to play in the studio.

We've been practicing and getting better all the time. Yo.

Waddup J Rose?

And uh one, and uh two, and uh one, two, three, four...

Rock on stacked rock boy.




Distinction Art Gallery and Studios ~ Escondido, Ca. Our friends Melissa and Sam setup this art studio / gallery from an old antique store building. Basically gutted the whole thing and framed in some walls and really decked the place out. Can you believe we have zero pictures of these guys? What's wrong with us! We're picture freaks and we can only figure we were so intrigued with them, we somehow forgot we had a camera?!? Anyway, these guys were an integral part in inspiring the barenakedfamily. We're forever grateful to Melissa and Sam. Can't wait to see 'em in October in Austin!!!! (it's really hot here guys, not like Escondido hot, it's hotter. Doesn't cool off at night. Must have AC!).

It's a Sunny Nicole.

And a Jenny Kesley Jenna freaky deaky dutchesses.

Too cool still.


Bunch 'o friends doing art on our campsite (.com?).


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