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December 2003 Pictures

Howdy Y'all! We're still in Texas ~ Weather's here, wish you were beautiful! It's been very nice this 'winter' in Texas. Last year it was hot and muggy. This year we're getting a few cold fronts one after the other. Keeping it above freezing at night and in the 70s or below during the day. Hey Connecticut - phhhhhhhttttttt!

We pretty much went from Port Aransas, Texas with Jenn's parents to Greg's mom in San Antonio. Check out our Granny's Farm experience coming up at the bottom from 'navigate'.

We can't help ourselves when in San Antonio we have to go check out some old digs. Jenn went to this High School. Oddly enough, so did Greg's Mom.

Jenn went to middle school here.

We both used to go watch the airplanes fly in at this spot at the SA intl. airport. The kids really enjoyed it too. Wayne's World ~ AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

Timon had to go see his mom at the clinic and let Grandpa Perry take care of some sicko bump on his belly. Timon was a gift from Grandpa Perry who runs this clinic and Timons mom lives here.  Grandpa Perry also never turns on the AC.

He wants to smile, but he just figured out where he is...

And where he's going... He was okey dokey. It turned out to be a fat bump which is apparently common?!? Nasty repair though, he had staples holding the cut together. Very nasty but effective.

We also like going downtown. This view is from the front of the Hyatt ~ across the street is the Alamo. Did you know that the Alamo is a replica? There is a glass case by the Hyatt saying something like 'we think this is a piece of the original Alamo wall, but we're not sure'. They're not sure where exactly the Alamo is!! Pretty cool trivia, huh?

We got to meet the fiddler and a dancer from the Lord of The Dance show that was in town. They had several way cool tour busses outside the theatre. And you know us - tour bus hounds.

We actually got to see our 'tour bus' next to an older Prevost with a mural (we despise murals). We're very happy with our 'tour bus' especially now that we added black flames! Check out our RV Graphics page through the 'navigation' buttons at the bottom...

We had to leave San Antonio eventually (it's a black hole thing). Wal-Mart's everywhere are always welcoming. These are pictures of their hospitality as we work away!

We actually left the RV in the Wal-Mart to go see our friends and musician heroes - The Jon Barry Project. These guys are AWESOME! They play instrumental jazz and we highly recommend any of their music. Check 'em out at www.bwrecords.com 

Greg Hudgins on Saxophone was our original connection into this band. Greg and Greg used to work together. Greg is an awesome sax player and Greg admires Greg for his musical ability. Greg inspired Greg when Greg quit his job to pursue the band which led Greg to consider leaving his job to pursue Greg and Jenn's dream but Greg did it later than Greg. Greg rocks.

Big Willie is the band's keyboard playa.  Big Willie invited the BARENAKEDFAMILY to tour the High End Manufacturing Plant.  High End makes and sells 'World Class Stage Lighting' for bands, clubs, theater, churches, concerts ~ anywhere that High End stage lighting is needed or wanted.  In other words... Will has one of the coolest jobs around in one of the coolest companies we know of and took the time to share it with us. Use the 'navigate' buttons on the bottom to read more about our High End Experience.

When we are not being entertained by 'World Class Lighting guys' we were bowling with some of our oldest and best friends.  No tour escort needed here.  Just some good times, lots of kids, and some Gregs.

Jenn, Greg, and Greg.

Then back to San Antonio where the humor is, well, funny.

Greg and his 95 year old Gramma Ditty chillin' on the couch.

Greg, Austin, and Ditty rockin' it old school.  At 95 years old (born in 1908!) Ditty 'gets' what the BARENAKEDFAMILY is doing, and that says a lot.

Introducing the 'wild man' ~ Colton Weed!!! We met up with the Weed family that has been on the road for five years with their two kids.  Colton was born 'on the road'. They came out to the farm and rode horses and had pizza with us.  It was cool to finally meet them because we had written many emails back and forth. Hi Kevin, Tara, Brennon, and Colton! Miss you guys and sure enjoyed your company! It was very cool for my Mom to meet someone that looked more 'normal' that was 'on the road' too! Perhaps she thinks we're a little less crazy now? Uh-oh. Gonna have to get some tattoes and piercing or something now...

We went back to Austin after hanging out with the family in San Antonio and parked the MoHo at Zilker Park near Barton Springs for the day.

This is one of the springs that feeds Barton Springs which is a very popular place in Austin.  The water is like 68 degrees year round which is freezing when it's 110 outside! This feeds into the large swimming pool where people come and swim in the lithium laced water year round. Barton Springs Rocks!

This guy was sitting at the park and had been looking through the trash for food.  As we sat and ate in our RV, we felt that we should make a nice lunch for him.  We packed up a few things and gave it to him.  Everyone should think about some things they could do for others, and then do it! We find satisfaction in going straight to the need instead of charities.

A great view of Austin from Barton Square mall. Check it out if you're ever there. Thank them for letting us hang in their parking lot for the day while we figured out where to goooooooo.

So, after 'boondocking' in Austin for a few days, we needed showers so we tried an RV park we previously had thought was undesirable. Pecan Grove RV Park on Barton Springs Road turned out to be VERY desirable. For some reason (probably our try at it over 10 years ago) we thought it was full of school busses and run down. It's not. It's VERY nice. Doesn't have all the amenities of a resort park, but it's clean, full of pecan trees (shady in the summer is way cool), and located in an awesome place! You can walk to the coolest shops, the Colorado river, Zilker park, massive trails, great restaurants (including Chuy's where Jenna Bush was busted for underage drinking). Congress Ave (SoCo), downtown, and 'the drag' on University Ave isn't far. So if you go to Austin in an RV, make sure you stay at Pecan Grove RV park. The other two nearby probably only take monthly plus rentals and don't appear to be taken care of as well.

We did some pretty cool exercises with the kids this Christmas. We had discussions about the meaning of Christmas as Jesus' birthday and how the Jews celebrate Hanukah and how Michael Dell is Jewish and has a really cool house we stalked and took pictures of later on this page. Additionally we discussed the winter celebrations and recognition that this time of year has been given for more than 2000+ years. The kids were all about the presents, of course. So we had them make their wish list. The typical ended up on it ~ dolls, playsets, toys... We discussed how these things are not satisfying, that the excitement wears out, they will want more and more of the same, and the value they can return to society is nil. We discussed with them how Ed Robertson got a guitar and changed many lives as a musician. How artists have art supplies to create and share beauty with the world. How filmmakers and writers use tools to create stories that can affect millions. We had them create lists that had meaning.

So at Christmas in Austin the kids received gifts that could help them to be creative.  They got a toy they could play with, but also things that would have more meaning to them and inspire them.

We REALLY wanted to buy them an electric guitar, but...

They got more music and a game. Music is really big in our home and our kids get into it when they are listening to music. Kesley got the White Stripes CD, Sunny got a Britney Spears CD, and Austin got a Tony Hawk Playstation game.  It helps him to build skate parks, has cool music, and teaches him how to do new things. We already have two small acoustic guitars, a cool electric drum kit, two bongo drums, harmonica, and mini-keyboard. The kids are becoming better musicians everyday!

We were driving through Austin and came across Michael Dell's house (okay, we knew where it was).  He has bought the whole hill and built like a 33k+ square foot home here.

Barb wire sniper cam photo.

Front entrance, looks similar to the one in the RV. We should boondock here.

We also discuss with the kids how Michael Dell and Bill Gates have no more than us. You name it, we have it too. All of us have access to it all ~ Cars, planes, helicopters, boats, vacations. We've got a stove, fridge, heater, air conditioning, food to eat, beds to sleep in. What do they have that we don't? Seriously. Email us if you think you can win this one.

Austin, Texas State capitol. Did you know this capitol is taller than the U.S. Capitol?

So we hear about this free event  at the ice skating rink that says to come enjoy the snow.  Sounded fun and we didn't know what they meant so we went.  When we show up we have to sign this waiver in order to go in and we are thinking it's in case we slip or something.   Should've thought about how Texans don't really see snow much.  It turned out to be hell on ice.  They corralled everyone into this area and had some ice and snow generated from the ice thingie that cruises around.  Then everyone runs out onto the ice and proceeds to hurl snowballs as hard as they can at anything and anybody.  The news lady and camera man barely made it out after their attempt to bring this event to all those who had enough sense to stay home.

This is Kesley 'Jenna' hanging out at Chuy's restaurant where the President's daughter 'Jenna' Bush was caught drinking, under age. Kesley doesn't like alcohol.

While we were in Austin Bridget Taylor invited us to come to the Mix 94.7 studios and tell everyone about the BARENAKEDFAMILY and the New Years Eve Party we sponsored for families.  We were so excited to be invited to something like this so we jumped on the opportunity to come! It turned into a real experience - see the party pics through using the 'navigate' links below.

The New Year's Eve party that we had with some of our new 'BARENAKEDFAMILY friends' at the Holiday Inn!  It was cool to see other families that are into hanging out with their kids and not afraid to get out on the dance floor and shake it like a Polaroid picture!

We are excited to get the word out to everybody about the BARENAKEDFAMILY parties!  Let us know where you are and we'll bring some BARENAKEDFAMILY love to your hometown!


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