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Dec '04 Pictures

Live within outside the tension. - Steve Metze (or something).

We miss you Tommy.

We Love You Andy.

Praise the lord.

worse day of my life. ever. gahhhhh. you idiot.

don't ask. don't tell.

1,000,001 (pictures of this tree on this site).

Austin ~ the only place in Texas you can find heterosexual fairies.

Fox without giving blood, NDA's, and soul selling.

Reminiscent of our own 'trail of life'.

Anonymous male donkey. (hint: Jew Lee Ah Knee).

Anonymous female donkey. (k-ass-ie-o-pia).

Parking for Sicilians only.

And Arabians.

Un-schooling Photo Journalism ~ all animal pictures by Austin...

Yo Frankie, Snake says ya got some money fer me.

I am the farmer, I work in the fields all day. No need to harm her, I knew it would be this way. -BNL

Jenn's hat ~ I <maple leaf> Canadian Boys ~ early xmas present.

Greg ~ Texas Canadian.

Toy Joy's employee xmas party.

Nothing like a Dell xmas party ~ we got to bring the kids!

And Jaaoohhhnieee (From Seattle) snuck them some drinks.

Yo yo Jaaohniee. Don't be givin' them kids no alcohol. - Dustin Loudest quiet human we know. Yo, yo, Dustin. Miss ya. Beyond words.

Secret Santa xmas party was about picking a name and creating or creatively spending $5 or less. Greg got Lisa Ross (Red) some Tootsie Roll smelling socks ~ she needed socks, okay. Gahsh.

Frida y'all.

Freaky y'all.


Lia gets a wig. She wore the coolest purple wig to work.

Jaaohhnie. Most honest guy we know. Jenn and Johnnie got along famously ~ here he is receiving his two bottles of Brand New Naked Juice. One of the first stories Johnnie told Jenn was about his dumpster diving in Seattle ~ Jenn was very excited he knew Seattle because we absolutely love Seatte... dumpster diving?!? What's that all about? Johnnie told us he lived near the Naked Juice factory and would dumpster dive getting as much free Naked Juice as he wanted. Great stuff.

Contemplating dumpster diving...

And the upcoming holidays...


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