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Early Austin

Greg and Jenn met in San Antonio, TX in 1991 fresh out of bad relationships and moved in with each other soon after. More logistics than anything else. We needed roommates and got along great.

One thing led to the next, and later we knew it was actually love at first sight. We had been together for about six months when we found out that we were pregnant with our first baby, Austin.  We were nervous and scared, but also excited about the fact that we were going to have a baby.  There was a lot of thoughts and talks about having a baby and getting married.  We both agreed that we didn't want to run out and get married just because we were having a baby, we wanted to get married when we were ready to get married.  Both of our Families have been married and divorced, sometimes several times so we wanted our marriage to last and be something special.  Our marriage was something we needed to come to when we were ready, not so others could justify us having a baby.  That's their issues, not ours.  We told Family members that we were going to have a baby but that we were not going to get married till we knew we were ready. Some Family members were happy and supportive and others were outraged.  We were disowned and told not to come around again by a Family member that we really wanted to be close to.  It really hurt us deeply that they didn't want to have anything to do with us or this baby, it made us feel horrible and betrayed.  Greg's Dad and Jan seemed to be the only Family that was upbeat and supportive. We continued to work in San Antonio, Texas and learned more and more about what it meant to be a Family.  About four months into our pregnancy we felt that the time was finally right for us to get married after talking lots about it.  We knew that we wanted to make our marriage last so it was important for us to do it when we knew we were ready ~ we became ready in Vegas on April 10, '92 and exchanged vows with each other in front of God and nobody else. Months later with nothing fancy at all, just the two of us in front of the Justice of the Peace we exchanged our vows again on July 13 and made it legal.  Dad and Jan were the only ones that gave us a wedding gift and supported us and our marriage. We were young, on our own, and having our first baby so we decided to head to Austin, Texas to start our life, with or without support of extended Family.  Greg lived in this 1974 Mobile Scout Travel trailer while going to college and this became our first home for our early family.

We had as much then as we have ever had and anyone else in the world does now ~ food, clothing, and shelter ~ but we also had something most did not ~ massive wood paneling (mostly faux).

We had two cats ~ the black one was 'Scratch' for obvious reasons and was Greg's cat through his college years. The gold one was 'Dallas' and brought in by Jenn quite sneakily.

Apparently this cat appeared out of a tree one day and needed a home. Jenn's sheepish grin and manipulative ways were first experienced with the arrival of this cat.

This cat with big problems. Dallas would come home drunk and abusive.

But the love was always there.

Canyon Lake just 30 minutes north of San Antonio was one of our favorite places to go camping. We thought we were pretty good at camping ~ so when a friend that was a roadie for Dire Straits offered to fly us to Los Angeles to drive his truck and stuff back to San Antonio, we jumped on board and decided to camp all the way home to save money for gas.

We stayed with him in his way cool plush hotel room in Hollywood (there was a switch on the wall to start the fireplace and Judd Nelson's motorcycle was in the parking garage). We then got married in Vegas on April 10 (the first time) while staying at the Sahara, camped at Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon, stayed at a hotel in Carlsbad then ran out of money and still had to make it back to San Antonio. Grandma Rose bailed us out so we headed for Big Bend and ran out of energy in Del Rio where our tent died on us, so we went home and haven't made Big Bend yet.

We were four months pregnant then. Here we're preparing to move to Austin with little more than a dream after the shop we were working with closed. We had been legally married by this time on July 13, 1992 in a feed store in Cibolo, TX at the cheapest JOP we could find ($50). We showed up in Greg's fast and dirty '76 Camaro wearing our best jeans and T-shirts. The JOP was loading horse feed in his overalls and spitting tobacco when we pulled up and interrupted him ~ 'you gonna marry us? The fellas he was loading feed with chuckled under their ten gallon hats and it only took him a little bit to get into his black robe, find his bible, and run us through our vows in his dusty office while we giggled the whole way through. We then re-exchanged our $6 interwoven silver rings we bought at a roadside stand from an Indian in New Mexico after exchanging our vows the first time on April 10 in our cheap hotel room in Vegas when we got married before God and committed ourselves to each other after being up all night with a sunrise outside the window. This time, our second marriage to make it legal, we honeymooned in Austin, TX eating free chips and salsa and drinking water. We had no bill but tipped the waitress what we had minus gas money to get back to the trailer in San Antonio that evening.

And Jenn's poodle, Buffy the pork chop slayer.

She bit Greg. A lot.

But he survived to be there for the birth of our Austin, in Austin, TX.

That's Jenn's mom, Yvonne, and Austin and Greg with bad short hair.

And there's Jenn after 30 hours of labor and darn near a C-section.

That's Greg's Dad. Jim White ~ Pleased to meetcha.

And our very first barenakedfamily picture before we knew it.

Austin still wants to suck on his Mom's chin. He's always been a little confused.

And sleepy.

Buffy bit Greg again after taking this picture.

It was the only thing that made Austin laugh.

That and just about everything else. He's still laughing today.

When he's not suckin' on Dad's finger or Mom's chin.

can't.... breathe....

Jenn sold roses in Austin for some extra cash ~ and attention. Hubba hubba hot Momma!

The rose thing didn't work out so well driving a hot rod 50 miles a night at 7mpg. Got there quick though. This was Greg's High School car that he owned for like 11 years. We forgot to buckle Austin's car seat in one night, went flying around a corner and found Austin upside down in the floor board still strapped in his car seat. We're still honing our parenting skills today ~ and fashion skills. 

Mike was one of the coolest kids we've ever hung with. We used to baby sit him a lot and at this age he had more style than than most will ever have. Apparently he still doesn't tie his shoes, is 16(?), and works at Mervyns.

So our parenting skills included shock treatment. We weren't too ready to grow up.

And this picture exists on the site because Greg hopes Jenn will let him leave other pictures of her on the site that she prefers not to be on the site. Now the hope is that she gets here before demanding picture removal or just doing it herself. Time will tell.

Lorraine still owes us $100 after bailing her out of jail in Port Aransas soon after this picture.

Bobby Ray (standing) was a guitar hero in the 80s in central Texas doing hair band rock (duh). Greg used to roadie with his band Lixxx (seriously). They did covers from Skid Row, Tesla, Warrant, Van Halen... We don't know who the other guy is but he apparently drank a beer with us in Greg's Dads RV at the beach. 

Too much information ~ and something weird. Greg grew up with Bobby Ray's bass player, Andy Elkins. Andy played in a band with Johnny Lightning in the 80s. Johnny Lightning is Jenn's uncle and Jenn used to drool over Andy on stage. This little fact makes Greg ill. Greg knew of the Johnny Lightning band in the 80s, but never remembers meeting him. Johnny Lightning is convinced Greg roadied for him and tells everybody at Jenn's family reunions. Remember Jenn and Greg didn't meet until '91. Small world. Can't make this stuff up.

Maybe Lorraine was thrown in jail shortly after this picture.

Jenn's dad lived in this sailboat in Port Aransas when we met him, for the first time.

He let Greg drive his sailboat and hardly knew him let alone his own daughter.

We stayed with him, right after meeting him for the first time when Jenn was 20.

He taught us how to fish. We never fished (fashed?) before we met Jenn's Dad for the first time ever when she was 20.

When Austin was born, Jenn decided she wanted to find and meet her Dad. She knew absolutely nothing about him except that he was a taboo subject growing up. She found him in Port Aransas (our beach vacation spot in Texas) shortly after starting her search. He flew to Austin to meet her and we soon were taking visits to spend time with him in Port A.

Where he took us fishing, a LOT. You'll have to dig on future pages to get the best part of the story.

We're going to show you one of our first Family vacations to Fredericksburg now. This is when we actually took a week off from work and had some money to really vacation together ~ or so we thought (Grandma Rose ended up bailing us out again at the end of the week because it just got too friggin' hot to tent camp and we really wanted a room with AC, then needed gas money to get home... and food). Thanks Grandma Rose ~ God rest your soul.

And thank God we're all one.

Buh bye.

"All gone"

Mount Fredericksburg (or Kerrville). It's like 500 degrees here, and that's why the boys wear fruity sandals.

Jenn's Uncle Ern used to help us with Austin, in Austin, quite a bit by baby sitting. We love Uncle Ern, still. He just needs to stay out of the day~tripper and get over Ashleigh's cat scratch.

Austin's first birthday. That's Granny (Gregs Mom) on the right. Yvonne (Jenns Mom) in the middle. And Adam ~ Jenn's 'little' brother in the middle. He's really really big now.

Austin at one year old. September 5th, 1993.

And at 12 ~ December 31, 2004. They grow fast. Time is worth more than money.

So really ~ early Austin means a couple of things to us. Austin, TX was our first dream of getting away to build our own version of life. It is also where our Family was formed and grew in its own unique way ~ where our Family was created and bonded together in the creation of our son and our eternal unity as a Family.

Never lose your anthem. -Good Charlotte


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