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February 2004 Pictures

Yet another month started in Austin, TX for the BareNakedFamily and we can tell you this ~ Austin Rocks! See, if you don't already know this about us ~ all the kids were born in Austin. Our first child was named after the city because it was one of our first dreams to move there from San Antonio. Small dream, but first. San Antonio is only one hour south of Austin and that's like an entire states distance for those of you that live out of the country of Texas. For Texans it's like a walk next door. Ya'll.

February 09, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

Check out our Fox 7 News Experience in Austin, TX on Sunday Feb 8! The BARENAKEDFAMILY was featured in an interview with Erik Barajas filmed by Dan. Loads of fun and exposure for the BARENAKEDFAMILY!

Apparently somebody picked up on us around the country too! Some new day~tripper entries say they saw us on the news in Cincinnati, Vegas, and New Haven, CT. If anyone has seen this ~ please contact us and let us know what was done. We were not aware that we were going to be on the news in these places. Very exciting for us and the message we're trying to get out there!!!

We're in turbo mode for our coming Fuzion! this weekend ~ Sunday 2/15 at the Zilker Clubhouse. It's going really great with some media on board and Pizza Hut is donating some pizzas! We're also talking with Amy's Ice Cream and Sam's club for some help. We've been distributing flyers and making signs to promote ~ getting the word out there is the tricky part ~ everybody always has so much fun.

We also met with the casting agency for the VH1 show 'My Family Rocks!'. We actually hooked up with the Casting Director, Doron, and talked with him for about an hour at the Cold River Cafe in Austin. He was totally diggin our story and image and was honest about the show he's currently casting for. We absolutely loved that he said 'you guys don't need a makeover' which is the basis for the 'My Family Rocks' show. There may be some opportunities out there for us that are different from this show. Either way, we sooooo wanna get the family word out there ~ be family together NOW! Spend time with your family. Work with your stuff for your family. It's beautiful! And we love you.

So this time through Austin we met some great new friends and stayed at one of the coolest RV parks yet and threw some rawkin' Fuzions!  It was a busy time for us and we had fun finding and hanging out in some new places.

One of those places was the Infinity Broadcasting studios. We met some great friends here including Nicci who works the reception at the studios.

We also spent lots of time at the Austin Childrens Museum especially on Wednesday nights when it was free. We went to a Korean exhibit opening ~ here you see Kesley, Ruthie, Austin, Bella, and Sunny hanging out watching a program. Look closely and you can tell they were impressed.

We spent a lot of time at the Pecan Grove RV Park ~ the best RV park in Austin by far.  The kids were the only ones there this time of year but they had no problem making friends.  They hung out with a writer, publisher, A-team impersonator, actor, reporter, cameraman, '70s #1 hit English Rock Star, jouster, drunk, musician, singer, schizophrenic, snowbirds, stoners, squirrels, suspected murderer, and a clown.  And people always ask about how home-schoolers socialize.

Kesley spent her 9th birthday in Austin.  She got some cool stuff and then went to have a free dinner at one of our favorite places...

California Pizza Kitchen!

While in Austin our Uncle Ern and cousin Ashley came to visit.  Don't miss Ern's day~tripper entry in Feb 2004 ~ good stuff! He sashays. It was really good to see Ashley recovered from the scratch that our ninja cat gave her as a baby.  There is a nice little scar that Ern reminds us of every freaking time we see them.  We will never live it down.  Especially since we said it wouldn't scar. Ern can't blame us for his wandering eye though.

The master himself ~ ladies and gentlemen ~ Ernest Trevino! Not lookin' so fat in this pic...

Timon's lookin' some phat in this pic, huh? ~ it was that time again.

Aye Chihuahua! Keep mee eenside and away from that pinchay phat doggeeee!!

Soon after the Timon assault incident, we had to flee Austin to avoid the repercussions of his actions. This is Timon and Austin recoverin' on the road towards San Diego.

But first we had to stop and see Dad in the Davis Mountains in West Texas. He works with the Boy Scouts near Balmohrea ~ "just 12 miles off the highway" ~ to the cut off road that's another fifty ba-jillion miles into the canyon on the roller coaster road. "It'll only take an hour or so" ~ it took way longer than "so". But we had fun and he's glad we love him.

Dad has never been able to take a normal picture.  We think he is wicked retahded.

Dad is a funky person and makes for a fun visit.  You may remember him from our Salem, Mass pix or pix in NYC after 9/11. He was trying to get Jenn to think about staying for awhile ~ not going to happen out in the middle of nowhere.

The view from the camp was, well, lots of things including Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent. Also beautiful.  Not that we want to stay for a long time.

The camp is situated way out there in between a canyon. We were told that the wind can really kick up out here and tore some roofs off days before we arrived.

There's that Texas Pride again...

And there's that BareNakedFamily pride again... Dad gets the whole BareNaked thing very well. Then we got back on the road again... because ~ 

Any tour bus is a tour bus of ours.

Some of our favorite views heading west.

We got to San Diego and spent a couple of nights at Campland before settling in at the Nodlands re-furbished beach cottage for some house sitting. Check the experience menu or 'what's new' for a tour of the house.

We met the Weed Family in San Diego. We first met them over the internet, then in San Antonio ~ they spent time with us on Mitty's Farm and are in some of our December pix. They left San Antonio and went to Florida before coming back towards San Diego for a job. Fellow RV'ers that understand how small this country can be.

We went to a home-schooling event that was put on by a local San Diegan that has home-schooled a brood of kids that are now grown. Our kids hooked up and put on a show. That's Colton, Austin, Sunny, Jenny, and Kesley. Colton is a Weed and Jenny is a great friend from Campland that recently started home schooling.

San Diego is a way cool very unique rockin' city. We're very excited to be here and decided to celebrate with some of our best friends.

So we went to the GasLamp district which probably has something to do with an old historic place and gas and lamps. Now it represents a lot of bars and some interesting people watching. They also just tore out a lot of homes and buildings using imminent domain to put in the new baseball stadium.

This is Jenny's Gramma Joan at the Irish pub called The Field. Gramma, Karen, Jenny, and the Weeds all went with us to San Diego's gaslamp district. The pub was moved piece by piece from Ireland and re-assembled here. After we moved the pub, we had a drink.  It's very authentic looking and feeling and they serve Guinness pints.

And stomp dance on a tiny stage.

See the music? Cool, huh.

That's the Weeds bosses kid, Kesley, two dancers, Sunny, and Jenny.

And those are jackasses at the Gas Lamp district. We goofed on passers by for over an hour on this corner.

And there you go. February 2004 updated March 26. Our latest update yet. We've been busy. Deal.

February 26, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

We left Austin, TX on Monday Feb 16 and drove a ba-jillion miles to Balmorhea in West Texas at the Davis Mountains. This area is beautiful desert mountains with whip cream. Dad works with the Boy Scouts at a camp buried down roller coaster road that we visited. We needed the bread and milk ~ they'd have thrown it out anyway. The cocoa puffs the kids jacked lasted a week! We just simply stole the orange. Thanks Dad! Sorry BSA.

After spending the night off the highway in West Texas, we drove another gazillion bazillion katrillion miles to El Paso. Then conquered New Mexico and overnighted in a rest area in Arizona. By Wednesday we were hauling over the pass to San Diego, CA at El Centro and arrived in one of our favorite places ~ Campland on the Bay! We spent a few nights there and are now chillin' bambino sitting'a esa hora casa house'o El Nodland'o. Cool surf, sand, waves, and sore butts ~ we're borrowing bikes and riding the beach like crazy people.

So there. We've updated a bit and are working on more... See ya nakeds!


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