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February '06 Pictures

Well, we are loving being here in Texas and the cool music scene it has to offer.  We have been meeting so many cool people and finding new places to hang out!  The music is abundant in this place so we are often out and about listening to all the wonderful musicians.  We have also been showing the kids what Texas has to offer!  They love the Texan life and are adapting well!

We were asked by the RV park that we are at that if we are going to stay awhile that we might want to build a porch to house all of our ghettoness.  Well, we usually keep a clean and organized patio but the one day that they do a park inspection was the one day everything was totally messy.  The kids had been playing outside and left tons of their crap all over the porch the night before and didn't take their trash out like they were supposed to.  Then the next  morning Sunny had been sick and let's just say there was a blanket that we had to pitch outside in a hurry and since it was raining like crazy no one was chomping at the bit to run it down to the trash.  The RV park was cool about it and said that it would be better to build a room around the patio so we would have more privacy.  Did we mention the outdoor fridge we added?  Yep, folks ~ that's right we have an outdoor fridge!  Still, it sucked to be 'those people' and Greg built this patio in two days!  It rocks and we love having more room!

Raise your white trash and toast the new room.

Kesley celebrated her eleventh birthday so we got her more crap to add to our ghettoness.

GhettoFamily on ice, get your tickets now!

We were still working hard to get our space at the mall for Families Rock and met all the local tenants including the Family that runs the ice rink.  The mom was nice enough to give us about fifty dollars worth of free passes so we used them on Kesley's birthday.

Then we socialized with other unsocialized kids at the playground.  Isaac and Johnna brought their kids out to play and discuss RVing with us.  They are in the process of selling all their 'stupid crap' and live in an RV as a way to take back their life.  Isaac will be finishing beauty school and is not content on spending even more time away from his wife and four kids. They would love to find a business that they can run as a Family and are happy to live in smaller spaces to make that happen.  They are an amazing Family and are making a commitment to live the life they want.  And they like to talk about RV poop with us and that's cool.  We went to Shady Grove after the park and sat outside on a beautiful day.  The kids were down on one end of the table and the adults on the other.  We were sitting in close proximity to other people so it was natural that these people got an earful of the ins and outs of RVing living.  Including how to manage the poop.  As well as all the other bizarre aspects of this life.  Greg said that this woman and her husband sitting next to us just couldn't believe what they were hearing and the lady's mouth was just wide open.  Well done then.

We invited our parents down to Gruene for a performance by another favorite local musician Matt the Electrician.  He is a way cool Family man that has some great music we love, so we try and see him whenever we can.  Our parents treated us to a wonderful crack-free dinner on the river!

Austin is working on some photographs he wants to frame and sell, this is one of them.  He is really good at capturing pictures and is also filling up our camera with thousands of useless photos as well.

This is one of his too.

Matt the Electrician and his buddy Tom from Venice Beach entertained us in Gruene Hall.  Again the kids worked the tip bucket for him and didn't let anyone leave without tipping.  He in turn hooked them up with shirts.

After the show our parents left and we wandered the streets of this small town.  The kids are sporting their Matt the Electrician shirts!  Thanks Matt!  He treats them well.  Child labor rocks.

We had a date night and decided to go to a eighties power ballad sing a long with songs from Guns n Roses, Def Leppard, Journey, and all those kind of bands.  It was an incredible show and we loved the energy these songs have after all these years.

We ran into Andy, a great friend we have not seen in about a year at the show!  We worked together at the alligator farm in the candy shop selling overpriced voodoo toys and shrunken heads in Louisiana.  This is the most beautiful human being ever.  Flat out.  Love him.

We also attended the Folk Alliance Festival at the Hilton hotel.  Tons of folk singers come from all over the world to network with each other and transform hotel rooms into listening rooms.  You can cruise up and down all the hallways and walk in and out of the rooms sampling all of the brilliant music being played.  Sunny found the ones with snacks.  Kinda hard to eat chips and celery in a silent room with a person playing their music.

The kids met a great Family from South Africa at another local music event we attended.  These kids were so nice and polite that they just came over and introduced themselves and asked ours to come play soccer with them.  In a wicked cool accent of course.  It was so amazing to see how their culture has taught them to be such heartfelt kids.  They just reached out and made friends with all of our kids and had a great time.  Wish there were more kids like that.

Or like this one.  We took the kids canoeing on the river and Sunny ended up in the bushes before getting the hang of it.

We tied our canoes and kayaks up together in the middle of the river to have some lunch together.  Austin is always chomping at the bit to go canoeing so he was loving it.

Sunny is more about chilling than working.  Can you tell?

There is a guy under the bridge about to jump into the river.  The kids were cheering him on to jump and we gave him a round of applause when he did.  Probably not a good idea, but whatever.

Feb 20, 2006

And we finally got a 'New Deal'. Here's the deal... We took FamiliesRock.org down and changed the news on this front page for insurance ~ that's right, insurance. Yuk! in a MAJOR way. That was a lesson hard learned and sooooo frustrating.

So if you had the chance to stumble on this page around 2.6.06 for the hours that it was up, you read and saw our excitement regarding opening up our first stab at a permanent venue (as in building, brick and mortar) for Families Rock! We cut a deal with the mall (who is wicked cool and easy to work with) for about 8k square feet to do our Rock Shows... all we needed was a $500k general liability policy to cover the mall. Shouldn't be a problem, right? We were familiar with getting $1M policies for vending and the mall was familiar with other events getting policies and friends and insurance agents told us we should be able to get one for around $500 - $750 annually. So we budgeted for twice that at $1200 and started buying other equipment and making other commitments. After the week it took to get through the agents and their underwriters, all seemed to be a go, so we announced the opening in way too many places (embarrassing). 

THEN... the underwriters came back and we were denied by several and only offered 'high risk' at $12k (yes, $12,000 instead of the estimated $500 - $750). We saved the vmx from the agent. He was shocked too. His explanation from the underwriters was more than classic ~ they were concerned about 'Grannies in the moshpit' and kids climbing around and above the stage. What the?!? He told them the comments were in humor, but apparently they took them seriously. Yeah. Seriously.

So we looked back at FamiliesRock.org and laughed our asses off. They took us serious! Proof that power makes you stupider and dumb even ever then yeah ya know. We pushed, we shopped insurance. We were coached to change our words and talk about doing something we're not. We tried that too... went under the guise of 'beinfamily' and they thought be in family is a 'gay group' which is apparently easier to insure than Families with kids that are higher risk. Yep, Families with kids are more risky from an insurance perspective than being gay. That is soooo Rock n Roll!!!

So screw insurance ~ would Motley Crue stop doing music because they couldn't be insured? Would the Ramones stop the mosh pits and stage diving because they were scared? Would Lollapalooza pull the plug because they got sued... oh wait, they did and sold out because some jerk off held the festival responsible for their own dumb ass crowd surfing and they couldn't get reinsured.

And while I'm on that subject, Readers Digest just ran a story about a boy that was always scared when he went to his friends house because the Pit Bull was known to be vicious ~ but his parents were okay as long as his friends parents locked up the Pit Bull when he was there. And of course the kids arm got mangled by the Pit Bull (lucky to be alive) and they all sued the unsuspecting property owner because dammit, someone has to be responsible and it must be the one with the most insurance. This is pissing me off. So I'll stop.

That said, we're taking back Families Rock to what it was. We're going to other venues and just gonna let the Families find us. Yum.


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