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January 2004 Pictures

We are in Austin, TX and loving it!  All the kids were born here and we lived here for about seven years before we moved to Issaquah, WA in 1998.  Austin is a great city and full of great people!  You won't find another place like it.  We found Pecan Grove RV Park in the middle of downtown and can walk to restaurants, parks, and cool shops!  We have made many friends here in the park and found out that everyone thought we were nudists because of BARENAKEDFAMILY.com on the side of the RV and car!  That happens sometimes and we love it!  Who cares?

This Christmas tree has been lit up for many years during the winter holidays in Austin and it is tradition to stand underneath it and spin.  The lights in the tree spin with you and you get really sick.  Some say it is fun though.

The lights inside the tree. Feeling nauseous?

Here is a project that we did to help cover all the fake wood they put in RV's.  We have covered a lot of wood in the RV like this with different colors.  We refer to this as the 'Van Halen -a- go-go' wall.

When we got to Austin we pulled in to the Wal-Mart and spent the night.  This bus came in and joined us, so we stalked them for awhile to see who they were.  They are a family with nine kids and they referred to this as their family car.

Some say 'how do you get along in small spaces'?  Just fine.

Sunny surfing the internet thanks to the PC wireless card from Sprint that we have been using for over a year now.  We use this thing driving down the highway or sitting in a Museum and are able to get our work done anywhere. 

Shady Grove is a restaurant that we can walk to from the RV park and we eat here often!  Chuy's, where Jenna Bush got busted for underage drinking, is right down the road.  Shady Grove used to be an old trailer park and still has all the hookups around.

  This is one of the bathrooms, it is an old trailer that has been converted to full size bathrooms!

Inside the girls side.

Anyone know what this is?

Can you find the BARENAKEDFAMILY.com card on the wall? Weeks later it was still there. Tag it baby!

We can walk to Zilker Park from the RV park and go hiking on the Greenbelt.  It is really pretty in the woods and you can find some really cool trails along rocks and creeks. We walked to this spot on the Barton Creek Greenbelt from the RV Park. If we go the other way we're downtown. How cool is that!?! Notice shorts in January. nyaa nyaa.

Kesley, Sunny, and Bella hanging out.  Bella and her family heard us on the radio and came out to the New Year's Eve Fuzion! to meet us.  We have become great friends and spent the day with Bella on her birthday.

We went to the Austin Children's Museum for her Birthday too and the kids could not get enough of it!  This is the only museum that we have visited that the kids could not stop talking about!

 They had the coolest store set up and you could go through and fill up a grocery basket with all kinds of food.  Then one of the kids can check you out at the counter.  Linda is Bella's mom and she shopped the store for awhile.  They loved this exhibit.

Matt is the other half to their family and was busy trying to fit into this car.  He also is working on perfecting his new look, Voltage.

Sunny, Lyle Lovett, and Bella at Austin Kiddie Limits.  They have a room with a stage, costumes, and musical instruments, lighting, TV's, and  soundboard where you can pick a song from local musicians and watch yourself on TV as you perform it.  Austin is the music capitol of the world you know. 

Austin rocking out to on stage.

Greg working the soundboard.

What does your family stand for?  Jenn really wanted to get the magnet set, but there is nowhere to stick it in the RV.  You could always stickittodaman!

The museum has a new exhibit that is about the Korean culture.  They have this room that is designed for families to sing together and  listen to music.  The whole idea is family getting together and letting gooooo!

We got to baby-sit our friends baby Westin.  He was the cutest baby and very fun to hang out with.  He cried for the first few minutes and then passed out on Greg.  Greg was sitting up when he fell asleep on him and had to lay down with him for awhile before he could slide him off. 

When he woke up he was ready to party.  And he did.

He is a great baby and he enjoyed having all of us love him every minute.

This is our make shift stage for our video submission to VH1's new show called My Family Rocks!  If you and your rival family are chosen they send you to a three day rock n roll boot camp to become rock stars!  Then you compete against your rival family. Our rivals are Matt, Linda, and Bella in a rock n roll showdown!

After submitting our tape to VH1, the casting agency called and said that they loved our video and that they wanted us to get our rival family to make a tape as soon as possible.  So we ambushed Matt, Linda, and Bella at the buffet and got them to make a tape that night.  The tape has to be ten minutes long and describe your family and their music likes and dislikes.  You can sing together if you want to also.

We are getting ready for our next Fuzion! for Valentines day in Austin and we rented out the Zilker Clubhouse.  This is a cool old building that has two fireplaces, a huge outside patio, and great views of downtown Austin!

The view from the patio.

The patio.

The inside is awesome!

John, Jenn, Mariel, and Pearl look out ~ we have a new addition!

We have been in Austin for a couple of months now hanging out and enjoying the area.  We have met some really cool people and are getting ready to throw our next barenakedfamily event.  The response to these has been great and we are getting a lot of people on board.

January 28, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

Hey ya'll! The BARENAKEDFAMILY is in Austin, TX hangin' at the Pecan Grove RV Park near Barton Springs and Zilker Park. We're paying by the week because the park is so popular that monthly rates have a waiting list! Monthly rates are typically equal to just over two weeks ~ pay attention future RV'ers! It's a great park and sits literally in an old Pecan Grove. There are mega pecan trees, squirrels, and Airstreams (suppose the Airstreams don't have anything to do with the grove, but they're cool). We can look out our RV window and see the Chuy's restaurant that Jenna Bush was busted for underage drinking. We walk to locally famous Zilker Park, Barton Springs, its greenbelt trails, and the Colorado river where the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue lives. There are tons of hiking trails along the creek giving you the sense you are hiking in a remote Texas canyon, plus it's close to downtown Austin and the Colorado River's Town Lake. The new Frost Bank building looks like something straight out of Gotham City and was recently lit up making the top appear ice like at night. The world famous Congress St. bridge is within walking distance which is home to one of the largest bat colonies in the known universe. Beautiful. Beautiful. All the kids were born in Austin, TX so we're feeling a little at home here. We've also just rented the Zilker clubhouse for our next Fuzion!

CHECK THIS OUT! We applied for 'My Family Rocks!' which was advertised as a 'major music tv station' casting call for a reality show that puts two families through some sort of Rock 'n Roll boot camp / makeover. The casting agency called us back from the application to request a 10-minute video of us ~ who we are, likes and dislikes in music, and rockin' out. We of course did a couple of BNL tunes and actually sounded decent together! After sending the tape, we heard BACK from the casting agency and they told us we were great! We submitted with an Austin family and are really excited about this as an opportunity to spread the love and hope to hear back from the 'major music tv station'. We'll let you know what happens...


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