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January '06

January was a busy month for us after coming back from the holidays!  We hit the ground running with Families Rock and new venues which ultimately led us to get our own space (more on that in Feb).  We still managed to get out and enjoy some of our favorite live music, chilled with some friends, and visited our favorite swimming holes!

We sponsored a 'Dads Who Rock' contest... check out the winner:

Happy New Year and Hook 'em Horns!!! (which also happens to be the same sign as 'Rock on'). How 'bout that Vince Young? We're not really sports fans, but we needed to go check out Alamo Draft House and it was free to see the Rose Bowl ~ USC vs UT game. We had a blast, then wandered around town at midnight honking our horn and screaming with all the other Austin revelers. Wow.

But, our highlight of the year was on Jan 1 when we went swimming (yes swimming on Jan 1) at our favorite dive, Barton Springs and later that night to see our favorite Austin musician, Guy Forsyth perform at the historic Gruene Hall.

It was like 87 degrees on Jan 1 in Austin. Barton Springs stays a consistent 67?

After Oct (?) it's free to get in. Lots of people showed up. See the downtown buildings in the background? Barton Springs rules.

New Years Day we drove down to Gruene, Texas to see the most badass band in Austin ~ The Guy Forsyth Band!  

Gruene Hall is a true Texas joint.  Kids are running through the place and even grandparents are out their shaking their stuff.  The Guy Forsyth band is a bonus.  We have been coming out here since we were kids so it was great to share this little place with our kids who are learning how to be Texans!  It's funny, they were all born here but have spent most of their lives in Seattle and on the road so this is all new to them.  Hello fire ants, mosquitoes, and humidity!

Later that night we got psyched up for the Guy show. See Kes' hand already moving to the Guy? She was ready...

Lots of people were at Gruene Hall. Most probably touring around the city and just getting lucky to catch the best act from Austin. Gruene is just north of San Antonio in the hill country.

Guy is just north of famous. The drummer, Rob, has become a good friend we talk with at every show we see Guy. Kes got to share her Guy impression where he closes his eyes and waves his hands in a circular motion out by his side. Rob talked Kes into joining (mocking?) Guy during his performance ~ and this Kes has courage and performance abilities...

Kesley can't resist Guy and his powers with the ladies, I mean music.  Rob, the drummer, laughed when we told him how much we have been mocking Guy and his crazy hand movements during a show and he triple dog dared Kesley to go up and surprise Guy during a song with her version of the hand.  She took him up and shocked Guy when she put herself right next to him and sang right along with him.  He loved it and shared the rest of the song with her!  He is a true believer in Family and music and supports the kids however he can.  Guy, you are a truly amazing human being and we love you more than you know.

She surprised him during his cover of Bo Diddley's song 'Mona' where he really goes crazy with his hands. The crowd went NUTS! Kes' plan was to just drop by and run the hands for a few bars but was surprised by Guy's enthusiastic response ~ he handed her a shaker...

And shared the mic with her for the chorus ~ 'ohhhhhhh mooooonaaaa!!'. Kes rocked the crowd.

We actually named our new stray cat Mona G. after this song and 'G' for Guy.

Guys number one fan.

Kesley ended up making it on the Gruene website and on Guys newsletter and eventually scored some more singing gigs with Guy!  He calls the kids the 'barenaked choir'!  Guy you flippin' rock!

We took a trip to San Antonio to visit with Greg's 98 year old Grandmother Ditty.  She is super sweet and mucho entertaining as her mind allows her to forget where she is or what she has said every ten minutes.  She just goes with it and lets us all have fun with her.  But get her talking about her chocolate...

The kids decided not to socialize with anyone and took their home schooling hike in the woods far away from society and all their rules.  They are working on their Red Dawn skills here in case the Russians go bad on us or something.

How ya like me nah?

They found this little cave that they can live in for months at a time.  The winter might be a little tough but it's a good thing Austin has a waterproof case to hold his matches in for a fire and some rope.  And we wondered where that was going to come in handy?

'Texas Longhorn Photos' ~ only in Texas.  Saddle included.

When we were crazy enough to think that we wanted a space of our own!  Just think, all the lacquer and filing cabinets you can want!  Aww..hell...maybe another day.  I'll be daaannnng....

All we want is Family.  Duh.

It was time for the kids to sing with Guy Forsyth again!  This time they sang a few songs with him and helped him in return by passing the tip bucket around.  When they came back the tip jar was stuffed with tons of cash for this cool ass hardworking band!  The band was surprised because they didn't expect much from this crowd, but when you got a kid working a tip bucket...how do they socialize...

With other RV kids who are removed from society and forced to sit outside closed pizza joints.  Salem and Jenn found this cool little punk rock Family that runs two pizza joints in their Rachael Ray magazine.  This ain't your regular pizza place, instead it's more of a punk rock alternative to dinner and long overdue.  We learned that they were only open in the evenings and were totally bummed so we plastered a FamiliesRock.com sticker on their door with a note that read 'Rachael Ray sent us.'

Then we tried their other location which was not even open yet, damn success...Anyway, we left another sticker and settled for crappy pizza in the hood where we used to live as a young Family.

Happy New Year ya'll.


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