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July '06 Pictures

July finds bnf heads down in work. FamiliesRock.com is shaping up and the ideas far outweigh the focus. Gregnando the Pool Gringo is working hard to save us some cash fixing up some pools in the greater Austin area. We are really enjoying our summer in Austin, TX and have actually acclimated to the heat (kinda). 

9am it was a hundred and five / I went looking for a place to hide... (Guy Forsyth)

JD Fortune and JD jr...

The weird thing? That is the same belt and the same ring on the mic finger (gifts from JD)... Influenced? You betchas. Inspired. Encouraged. living in the Afterglow...

let's go to Luckenbach, TX with Willie and Waylon and the boys...

...and girls

on our way to Kerrville with Guy Forsyth...

And his mom. What a great day this was. Just another day off we decided to drive to Kerrville through the Hill Country, stopping off in Luckenbach, and enjoying Guy Forsyth perform solo at a really cool place. Later that night we were invited to mom's house for some drinks ~ got back to Austin at like 3am.

Just in time for the girls make over at the mall the next day.

That's Naomi Lehr (blacksheepfamily.net) with the girls.

And that's the Guy Forsyth band sporting some FamiliesRock T-shirts at Threadgills!

Mark Addison and Rob Hooper sharing Lone Star with Kes... hey! wait a minute...

As usual, the kids helped 'roadie' for the band after the show ~ Access baby.

We also enjoyed dancing with Sumner and Roky Erickson's mom during a Texcentrics performance at Jovita's (Sumner's band).

Two stepping in Chuck T's just doesn't seem right...but it feels soooo good.

We also got to spend some time with extended Family in Galveston Island, TX... we hadn't been there since we were kids.

Girls watching for snakes.

Jenn watching for rogue waves.

Greg watching hottie Jenn.

Texas thunderstorms are the bomb.

Very powerful, scary, and beautiful.

Just like this group ~ this was at our nephew Trey's graduation party. Trey is next to the HOO-HOO guy.

And the Elissa next to the HOO-HOO cruise ship.

And some HOO-HOO's next to the Elissa.


Dad and G-Mama rented a great historic house built on the main street of Galveston for the five Families. Very nautical.

And the unpluggedfamily went by the Super 8 we managed in Monterey, CA. last year.

That was in front of the apt we lived in at the time.

And this is with Maria ~ one of our favorites. We miss her. She speaks little English and when Brye was trying to explain to her that they were friends with Greg and Jenn, she was really concerned that 'Jenn' (Salem) was in the car with Brye and these kids. Jenn and Salem look alike, and Maria was having nothing to do with this new Family with 'Jenn'. She was very disturbed by it all...

Our kids made Elijah and Faith some pictures and mailed them from Austin to Shasta...

This made for a summer Christmas we are told. Glad to be of service.

And there's July. And yes, it was just all that.


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