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June '04 Pictures

June 09, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

Here we are in our last week of four months house-sitting in Mission Beach. Went by so fast! Thanks to the Nodlands for letting us chill in their house. Be sure to check out their website ~ RoadSchool.com

But we're here to tell you, as nice as it was living in a monstrous 900 square feet ~ we're soooooo excited to go home ~ back in the RV ~ Yeah baby, yeaaahhh! Lots of work to do to get back in ~ since we live with only the things we use, we had to move everything out of the RV into the house ~ now back in.

We're really gonna miss all the friends we've made in the Mission Beach community. Timon's gonna miss his girlfriend, Jill, a Jack Russell Terrier. We'll try to get pictures for him. We're gonna miss playing with Jill and her dad, Peter. We're also gonna miss our bike rides, walks, and sunsets from the house. We've also had a lot of fun with the 20 somethings living down here ~ Pete and Nicki specifically. They got to baby sit Timon a couple of times when we only felt comfortable smuggling Daisy in the hotel in Santa Clarita ~ so sorry La-Donna (keep it quiet, eh?). Philip, Georgette, and JJ are our other cool neighbors across the walk from us. Philip let us use his grill when ours went down and Georgette's always been so cool to us. JJ's had a lot of fun with the kids and we've enjoyed his quirkiness immensely. Greg and Cheryl live behind the house and have also made great neighbors. They've loaned us their hose and took us to pick up Jenn when she ran out of gas (almost got a ticket that night too!). Thanks Greg. The kids have enjoyed playing with Greg and Cheryl's neighbor Mandy. She's a great kid. There's another Greg next door that's been cool to hang with, reminds us of a friend back in Issaquah. Wish we could've spent more time with him. 

We've also really enjoyed entertaining in the house. We've had friends from around the country come in ~ we trashed the place and cleaned it all up (-Those Idiots). We've had it full of families and slept our family with another in it. We expected to have three families in it one weekend but Weed chickened out and got a hotel. We expect to leave it better than we found it. 

We got an enormous amount accomplished while we've been here. We pursued another reality TV show and got further in the process than ever before ~ we learned that it's not where we belong. We created a place on the site to help people get in touch with us and sign up to be a part of what we're doing ~ the response has been amazing! We've met with and found common ground to partner with several families pursuing the vision of BNFamily. We aggressively pursued non-profit status ~ learned an immense amount about what it takes, decided how to do it, and ultimately received approval through the board of directors at NHF.org. We've organized and succeeded in our first Fuzion! with Live Music ~ definitely the way to go. We've re-developed the BNFamily site completely. Been through and built too many documents, mission statements, goals & objectives, to do lists, etc... ultimately resulting in a great case statement for The BNFamily Foundation that we're proud of. We've recruited and confirmed a Board of Directors and established commitments from staff members to help us out. We're still recruiting volunteers and considering other staff, wink wink, nudge nudgy.

We've experienced firsthand the power of nationwide community and prayer and witnessed a 'miracle' in the life of Janet Oberholtzer as well as the strength, faith, and courage of her amazing family and friends. After their accident, we became a part of a community and learned of the vast network of humanity ~ prayer circles were created from her hometown that reached across the nation. Prayer circles from both sides of our immediate family. She was added to prayer networks resulting from 9/11 and Greg's fathers involvement. She also received uncountable prayer from known and random visitors to this site, the Oberholtzerfamily.com site, other sites, and forums worldwide. All from different faiths and religions. All effective and resulting in a firmer belief and faith in humanity and beyond.

And this week, we find ourselves once again moving into the unknown. The 'risks' that we took when we moved to Austin in '92; the 'risks' we took taking unpaid leave in '96; the 'risks' we took in '98 moving to Seattle; the 'risks' we took leaving the 'secure' corporate world in '01 ~ all perceived 'risks' resulting in immeasurable results. We're here again, 'risking' everything pursuing our latest dream ~ The BNFamily Foundation. We're trusting once again that the risks taken are moving the foundation forward, moving our family forward, moving in a direction that is ultimately our destiny to help organize something infinitely larger than us, for families and humanity everywhere. Our passion is too great to ever drop the ball, we've organized something for family that is too special, too important to our family and families everywhere. Every passing day is setting the stage for our tomorrow, for families' tomorrow. We have development plans, case statements, projected budgets, contingency plans, marketing plans, and a bunch of other stuff that God's having a good laugh at. This is so much bigger than us and we're excited to experience where it takes us.

That said, if you've been waiting and watching what we're doing, where we're going, how we're gonna get there ~ now's the time that we need help more than anytime before. We need your prayers, meditations, ohms, energy, thoughts, or whatever it is that you are willing to do to help us organize BNFamily. We need funding, sponsors, and volunteers 'way badly' -Brenon

Family needs your help. Nothing is too small. Nobody is insignificant. BNFamily is supposed to be. Just think about it, you'll get it.

Love to all.

We stayed in Mission Beach for about four months.  While we were there, we met many friends and had many great times.  It is definitely one of the coolest places to be!

Our friends Linda and Bella came up from Austin, TX to stay in our Mission Beach mansion for our May 28 Fuzion!  Turns out none of us can resist an 'old school' photo op.  Linda and Bella are the only ones credited for attending every Fuzion so far!

We stopped at La Jolla for some good ole' fancy shmancy beach combing.  We were careful not to have another bump and mutilate here like we did with our friend Karen.  Linda is very lively and we like to call her our legal guru.  Linda knows it all.  Oh yes, Linda knows it all.

Some beautiful California scenery in La Jolla.

Sunny, Bella, and Kesley hanging on the rocks in La Jolla.

Look it's the Weeds again!  I guess Colton has grown up a little since they moved to Phoenix, looks like he has picked up a bad habit.  Someone should tell them smoking just isn't that cool anymore.  Unschoolers.

Looks like a couple of hippies straight out of Austin!  Oh, it's just our legal team.

We would walk our dogs here on the point, but never after 9:00am and not till after 6:00pm.  Not to be confused with the spring hours which are not after 9:00am but after 4:00pm.  It is literally illegal to walk your dog on any grass, park, or boardwalk during these hours ~ everything else if private property, streets, and sidewalks.  We did it anyway, as most do, because there is nowhere else to walk them.  Ever get a dog to pee in the street?

Peter and Jill became our friends who live here as well.  We often broke the dog walking laws together.  Peter, however took it one step over the edge and would let Jill run around off the leash.  Can you believe it?  It almost cost us our friendship.  There are some things you just have to look past.   Peter is good people and we enjoyed his company very much.

Timon and Jill became 'good friends' if you know what I mean.

Our neighbor Nikki worked up the road at one of the pizza places here in Mission Beach and invited us up for some food and drinks.  So of course we took as many kids as we could and invaded her work space.

Sunny, Kesley, Austin, Phillip, and Jason.  Jason lived in front of us and Phillip is one of the best kids in the world.  Really.

Nikki with all of her cheap tippers.  No, we tipped her really well.

We heard about this Pro-Volleyball tournament and decided to peruse the event.  Turns out it was something really cool and we scored lots of free stuff.  We spent two days here and met some awesome Pro-Volleyball players.

This guy was out of control!  He was yelling at the referees, throwing himself around, and got in the penalty box a lot.  Made for some great watching.

The guy in the pink hat was the first guy in Pro-Volleyball history to make a million dollars playing the game and the highest paid player.  And he was 43.

This female team beat him up and threw him off the courts to show him what women are all about.

After their game they took some time to get to know the BareNakedFamily.  They loved us.

Back home Pete continued to be retahted.

As all the neighbors were too. 

They finally got it together for a photo. That's Cassie, Nikki, Kesley, Jaime, Austin, and Sunny.

And we're finally back home! As much fun as it was to baby-sit a house, we really enjoy our home...

Some 1/2 rice sushi for your anus.  What?  Everyone has one.  But do you have sushi for it?

For half price but same quality.

June 22, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

Hoopa Loopa ~ we're livin back in the RV! Turns out our Mission Beach mansion we were house sitting was a monstrous 700 square feet instead of the 900 we've been tellin' ya.

And now we're back 'home' in the RV at just under 300 square feet and loving life! We went to Escondido, CA which is north east of San Diego. We'll miss being close to the beach and bay, but feel very lucky and 'blessed with abundance' for where we are. The RV park is installing a wireless network that gets us broadband speed in the RV. If you're ever in the San Diego area ~ check out Escondido RV Resort. Good stuff!

Love to Family everywhere.


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