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March 2004 Pictures

San Diego, California. Mmmmmm. Great place. Great food. Great people. Except those friggin Spring Breakers. But they're mostly gone. Fun to watch, not fun to hear at 3am at your bedroom window.

We're 'camped' right down the street from Belmont Park on Mission Beach. That's the historic roller coaster and sunset. Life is good. Roller coaster is rough. And pricey.

This happened to MB's 'board' walk. Turns out its actually concrete and collapses occasionally when the sand underneath washes out. Looking under the cracks goes down about 10 feet! We also learned that the wall on the right goes down some 20+ or more feet into the sand. Previous storms have removed the beach leaving this wall more like a hi-rise than a beach wall. Some guy showed us some pix of the waves crashing over this wall.

Slow Moe is a fixture on MB and PB (Mission Beach and Pacific Beach). These two beaches run together and are split by a pier. Moe here blades up and down the beach on a regular basis in slow motion. It's very fascinating to watch him. Everyone seems to love the guy. We see him all the time and it's been really weird the couple of times we've seen him on the phone or just talking with someone. We've come to expect only seeing him 'glide' down the walk. Someday we hope to actually get the chance to talk with him!

We could do a whole page on the cool accessories on MB. The bicycles here are crazy too ~ the popular ones are the street cruisers with no gears. They have made them into choppers and low riders and pimp mo-cycles.

We were invited to Knott's Berry Farm just south of Los Angeles with Karen, Joan, and Jenny. It was for Jenny's b-day so we loaded up the RV and used it like a bus. Our five went with  their three and one more ~ Sheryl. She's very cool.

Here's Austin with Jenny, the b-day girl. On the right. The other girl is plastic. Really.

There's the BareNaked three with Jenny and Sheryl and Smokey Bear.

That's crrrrraaaazzzzeeee Karen. We love her a lot.

And that's Grandma Joan. She's way cool Gramma.

The girls first park where they were tall enough to ride everything they wanted to!

Lost Jenn to Snoopy. We'll miss her.

The girls didn't wanna ride this one and were okay that they weren't tall enough.

Greg and Jenn chickened out too. These guys rode four times in a row. Then Austin, Jenny, and Karen rode another three times! We went on a slow weekday and didn't have to wait in line for anything. Unschooling at its finest.

We celebrated Sunny's b-day on March 6th. Kesley was very happy for her.

Ahhhhohhrrrrh. Timon LOVES to sing happy b-day with us.

Sunny scored big this year with the DVD 'School of Rock'. We dig this movie big time, and Jack Black is our current favorite hero.

Sunny got to do lots of things she wanted. Sand for instance. We actually would love the beach if it weren't for the sand and saltwater.

Mr Colton Weed took us to Sea World for another home schooling event.

Austin and Kesley were selected to help with the dolphin show.

They wanted to swim with the dolphins but it turned out to be as stupid a demo as it looks.

So they got soaked by Shamu instead.

Daisy misses us terribly when we have to leave her because we're sooooo kind to her.

We decorated Timon this month with a target and flames after shaving him.

And topped it off with red stripes.

The Leprechauns visited us again this year and trashed the house, again! We learned this year that they don't actually do this to everyone. We seem to be one of the few actually. Pretty scary. One year they actually wrote on the kids faces and videotaped their antics.

This year they just trashed the Nodlands house ~ toilet papered the place and threw our CDs all over.

They also opened all the cabinets, trashed the blinds, overturned furniture, and destroyed the bathroom.

The kids were mostly left alone by the Leprechauns but painted themselves when we visited the Mexican restaurant for St. Patricks day dinner. Does it strike anyone else as unusual that the Irish Pubs disallow kids on this day? We think it stinks that families have few places to party together.

Karen and Tara 'earned' those beads.

Colton didn't get any.

Ed ~ the neighbors house is gone.

This is a story about a bump and mutilate in San Diego. We advise you to get the video ~ 'Flirting With Disaster' with Ben Stiller, Tea Leoni, Mary Tyler Moore, Alan Alda, and Lily Tomlin. One of our favorite movies of all time. They warned us this could happen in San Diego but we had to find out for ourselves. They didn't run though. They stayed right there ~ that red Explorer. Bumped and mutilated our friend Karen.

She was saving us a parking spot as we came around the corner in La Jolla for a peaceful day at the park. Most drove by as Karen showed them that we were right there ~ the red Explorer did not. He insisted that he was going to park there even though Karen was standing in the spot. He physically pushed her with his Explorer ~ bumped her like four or five times!

Scared the crap out of Karen, her knees were locked when the bumper hit them and he kept going. She somehow would manage to scoot back but he would inch up quick enough to where she couldn't get out of the way. Couldn't believe we were seeing this! Others were shocked as well. The guy said she can't save a parking space by standing in it and the cops actually informed us that is against the law. They were both wrong, and we certainly discourage anyone from trying to save a parking spot.

While at the park we got to see nature take its course when this hawk showed up with this crow in its talon.

He flew to many different locations and was chased by a crowd of people and seagulls wanting a piece of the action. He finally settled in and ripped the feathers off the crow and chowed down.

We were so appalled at the mutilations we had seen this day that we just had to riot.

Much how we have felt in March and April.

The Weeds are staying down in Chula Vista and we got to visit them for some Shakespeare in downtown Chula. Shakespeare stinks, we walked.

And made up our own fun.

This month we also received our autographed pic of Michael Dell. We contacted Dell Computer requesting sponsorship or some help funding our Fuzions and actually got a sincere and well thought out 'no way'. So we asked for the signed pic ~ and got one! How cool is that!

We later saw Mike in downtown San Diego in one of his favorite disguises. We think he's now stalking us.

We love to drive around the coastline and stumbled on these two houses. California rocks. Creativity and self expression runs rampant here ~ ain't life great!

This is a play on a similar sign up and down I-5 which portrays a family running for the border. Check out our Tijuana Experience from last year for that image.


March 30, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Jeeeenyyyyyyyy! Happy Birthday to you!

Jenny is thirty today! No longer in her 20s so you should stop carding her. For her birthday this year ~ BareNakedFamily is going PLATINUM! Would you like to come along? Join us or be left behind... Muhwah Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha!!

Let us know you're out there now while we can handle it cause it won't be long now. BareNakedFamily is going PLATINUM and you're invited! Let us know you're out there! We're doing something really, really, really, really, cool. Really.


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