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May '04 Pictures

We really gotta get out of this house sitting thing. Not thinking we're very good at working a mansion more than twice the size of our normal home (< 300 square feet). It's WAY too hard to clean.

Besides, it's apparently illegal to walk your dogs at Mission Beach after 9am and before 6pm. Sorry Nodland.

That's just gross.

Not really though. If you do find our fake poop (now missing for well over a month) please give it back. We're pretty sure a college-eey type in a green bikini took it.

Not him. We said COLLEGE - eey type and GREEN bikini.

Wasn't this guy either. He just sold us some really good tamales and would smile if you didn't have a camera.

Okay. We'll confess. We had two fake poops and only lost one. We'd still like it back. Please contact us if you have any information that will lead to the arrest and conviction of the poo-poo perpetrator. The missing poop is long and slender unlike the one we still have that is shiny and vortexy.

And the patent attorneys are fiercely protecting the shiny, vortexy poop. Seriously ~ read 'The Patent' above. We can't make this stuff up. The patent that has been got is actually for a pair of $10 Heely's from the swap meet (normally they are like $90!). We're glad they has been got the patent and would rather not be investigated and the law. Can we use the word 'Heely's'?

So we're in La Joity, Ca (better known as La Jolla) and this guy is holding a sign that says he wants a hug.

That would be Greg's wife and daughters giving some stranger on the street a hug.

He didn't even want money. They said he smelled 'nice'. What's nice? Isn't a smell 'good' or 'bad' ~ nice? They want him.

That's Mike. Mike rules. We met Mike last year at Cabrillo National Monument. It's on Point Loma in San Diego. He gave us the grand tour last year, and again this year. What a great guy. What's up Mike? Bummed we missed your Saturday event thing with the armor ~ maybe next time through. Can't wait to see you again. Later Mike.

That's Point Loma Lighthouse. Great place. If you're ever in San Diego, don't miss Cabrillo National Monument. It's very cool.

That's a view from Cabrillo looking into San Diego Harbor. The big gray boat looking thing is actually a dry dock for nuclear submarines. If the picture was more clear, you could see the seven(?) subs docked nearby. This too was very cool.

This was even cooler. Never had seen nor heard of anything like this ~ Stealth Ship. Some really cool military name comes with it, but since we couldn't really 'see' it, nobody really told us the name. There were several windows along the front and a bunch of guys on top as it cruised in. Actually, we wouldn't know that cause it's stealth. We really don't know anything about the picture above except that it's a picture of a fishing boat and jetty. Ooohhh, stealthy.

Does anybody wonder why barenakedfamily throws parties for Families?

It's all about the Harleys and hot Mama's!!

And chick-a-dees.

They actually knocked this Harley over and weren't killed by Jaime Marine tough guy. Greg and Austin even went for a ride and were able to keep it upright. Jaime was the one that hooked Pete up with the MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) from the Marines ~ Pete brought it over and showed us how to warm it up in its own bag and chemical reaction then we shared it. Not bad. The pictures are actually boring and lame except to Jenn and the girls 'cause Pete's kinda hunky and rarely wears a shirt. But Greg's ok with all this.

May 29, 2004 ~ from barenakedfamily now

Our May 28 Fuzion! in La Joity, um, we mean La Jolla ~ Rocked!!!! The energy created for and with families is undeniable.


We have been officially accepted as a non-profit foundation ~ 

The BNFamily Foundation creates exciting shows (Fuzion!) using positive, high-energy music to encourage families to be active and dance together ~ to build and empower family relationships.

The foundation will be managed and maintained through NHF.org. They will be doing all the 'administrivia' for us which is really cool so we can focus on organizing and maintaining the organization.


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