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Nov '04 Pictures

November has been interesting. We're really busy helping out with a really cool retail Toy store here in Austin and we're parked on seven acres taking care of two Sicilian Donkeys and an Arabian. Someday we'll remember to take the camera to the barn to get pictures of our new farm friends ~ Cassie, Rudy, and Frankie.

But here's a shot of the leader of our 'so called friends' that kinda scare us... At least this one does (a little junked up if you know what we mean). Bang? Why.

We visited Lake Travis with our Paparazzi friend, Kelly who did a UT photo journalism project with us. Here we showed her how we home-school giving the kids driving lessons at the state park in our late Grandpa Trevino's car that now belongs to Grandma on loan to us (on condition we don't drive it on the beach ~ that is the saltwater beach, right Grandma?).

When the cops try to get at ya...

Park it like it's haa~ottt... Park it like it's haa~ottt... Park it like it's haa~ottt...

And if Daisy get an attitude...

Pop it like it's haa~ott... Pop it like it's haa~ott... Pop it like it's haa~ott...

When the kids in the crib ma...

Drop it like it's haa~ott... Drop it like it's haa~ott... Drop it like it's haa~ott...

I got the rolly on my arm and I'm pouring Sean Don

And we hang with the best Weed cause we got it goin on...

Uh! I'm a white dude, with some nice dreams; See these ice cubes, see these ice creams?

Ok then ~ I'm so white (Greg). Wrote this the first time from S-N-double O-P D-O-double G ~ "Drop it like it's hard". Apologies to the rap sophisticate. I've updated above after looking up the actual lyrics...




"Drop it like it's hard" (-;

Actually, you should've noticed the transition between the Children's Museum and The best toy store in the world! ~ Toy Joy in Austin, TX.

Can you find the 12yo in the picture above?

Maybe now?

Okay there they are.

All of them 12 yo's.

Texas floodin' ~ this stuff was sent to Bastrop which was declared a disaster area.

From Lake Travis. Which came from Inks Lake. Which came from Marble Falls. Which came from Buchanan. Then went to Lake Austin. Then Town Lake. You do the research ~ Highland Lakes are cool flood control dams on the Colorado river. Didn't mean much to Bastrop this year.

really floodin' ~ See the trees in the middle of the lake?

We did ~ with queso.

on decko's

The Oasis restaurant in Austin, TX ~ best queso and view in Texas, maybe.


Enchanted Rock State Park ~ Best view in Texas without a restaurant. Also the second largest rock in the world(?) ~ slightly smaller than the one out of Atlanta.

Maybe the universe!

Definitely larger than the moon.

Osama? Is that you? Got a beer? Maybe some Peace? How 'bout carrots?

Bullseye loved The Polar Express in 3D at the IMAX. So did we.




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