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After Halloween, we wrapped up our campsite at one of the greatest campgrounds anywhere, Campland on the Bay and headed to one of the most dreaded places potentially anywhere ~ Orange County (it's our site, our opinion).  We went to visit more friends and Family that somehow actually live in this asphalt desert. Finding a 'campground' is an oxymoron ~ we ended up in a parking lot with RV hookups near Disney. We were all tired as hell and soooooo ready to get out of the area.  It's just such a drain in this area, all the material mindsets and phony ass people suck.  The energy is focused more on the outer stuff than the inner stuff which makes it really hard to be around the people in the area.  When we are there, we can literally feel our souls sucked dry.  That's why we try to get out as fast as possible. Nothing personal (-;

And then our dog Daisy passed away on us while in this asphalt desert in Orange County. She had been having a hard time breathing and we thought of it as allergies, old age, and the suckiness of were we where. She didn't make it through the night. We were all shocked and couldn't believe she was gone.  She had been with us for fourteen years and was Jenn's best little dog ever.  The kids were terribly saddened and cried all morning.  Jenn was so heartbroken and just felt empty and sad.  It was such a terrible day.  Brye, Salem, Elijah, and Faith stood by our sides and let us grieve while holding us together.  Their kids were incredibly filled with compassion and we were grateful to have their love.  Daisy was such a great dog.  Full of life.  Neurotic.  Special.  She loved everyone.  We decided to transport her up to Mt. Shasta and bury her there.  Brye and Greg drove the RV non-stop for over fourteen hours switching off with each other while Jenn and Salem fed everyone and put the kids to bed.

We miss you Daisy.  Love you.

This has already been such an emotional couple of months.  After giving up our RV house of six years, we moved right into helping Brye and Salem get rid of their special house.  The depth of both of those situations could never be expressed in words.  They are very trying and uplifting times.  Letting go of something and moving forward into something else... lots of emotion.  Then dealing with the energy of being in southern California.  All we wanted to do was get back to Mt. Shasta, forget about the world, and sleep.

Brye and Greg drove all night long while the the girls and kids slept.  It was so awesome watching these two men bond over stories and emotions as they drove through the night.  Brye is one of the few men in this world that knows Greg this deep and loves him... loooves him.  It's so amazing to watch such a special friendship grow with a man like Brye for your husband.  Most wives can't stand their husbands friends, but to watch Greg and Brye is like watching God create a whole new place in the Universe for us.   I am so proud of these two men, they are by far the most incredible, strong, and real men I have ever known.  And hands down the sexiest creatures to walk this earth.  I would sometimes just lay there as they were driving with my eyes closed listening to the way these two talked.  I could do that forever.

 When we got up in the morning we were only an hour or so from Mt. Shasta.  Greg and Brye stayed up all night keeping each other company, talking, and drinking gallons of coffee.   We all felt tired, emotional, and glad to be home, together.  Words will never be able to tell the story of what we were all feeling at that point.  So much had happened in the last months, we were literally wiped out.  So, we decided to pull over at the rest area and cracked open a celebratory beer even if it was only 9:00 am or so.  Only one.  There will be more to come young grasshoppa...

After getting back we just took some time off to rest.  Austin and Salem's bro, Nathanael, went fishing and caught these yummy fish in the rivers around the area.  The rest of us just laid around completely exhausted from the last month.  The two Families were also learning how to live together full time in the same house.  Everything about it was awesome though!  It's like it really wasn't hard at all.  The kids were pumped to have each other and the parents were working through all sorts of things together.

Of course for our baby, FamiliesRock, it's business as usual back in Austin, Texas.  Even though we were in Mt. Shasta we managed to pull off our first show without having to be there.  A friend wanted to throw a FamiliesRock concert, and one of our favorite bands, Anagen wanted to play. So we walked them through the process on the phone and took care of all the press and publicity online.  We shipped a big box of shirts, glowsticks, and flashlights and the Family got the chance to work together the way we get to.  It was kinda hard to let someone else run the show since we had been the only ones doing everything for so long.  But it has been a vision of ours to get FamiliesRock at a place where other Families could get on board and find ways to work together as a Family...  and isn't our time here about letting go anyway?  So, we had to learn to relax and let it be.  Can you tell?

Back in Austin, Texas everyone was getting ready.  Looks good don't it!  We were back in Mt. Shasta checking the phone every five minutes waiting to hear how it was going.  Don't you judge me!  This is what we have continually worked towards for years.  Constantly putting everything we had and everything we didn't into helping this work.  Don't you judge me...

We worked with local band Anagen for the show.  A group of young guys with the coolest medley of riffs and originals joining the modern hard driving rock to the hard rock of the 80's!  Perfect for FamiliesRock!  The first time we saw them perform we knew we had to do a show with them.   They are a great fit... and a great bunch of guys too.  We have since remained good friends and look foward to doing more shows with them.

FreeRangeFamily came all the way from Houston to help Chey and her Family run the show.  FreeRange, Anagen, Mackenzie, and Chey...FamiliesRock extraordinaires!  We were kinda bummed that we couldn't be there for the show but just so exhausted from everything else that we didn't mind being in pajamas two thousand miles away either.  This is new for us... we were a ball of nerves hoping that everything went smooth for all of them and we managed to have fun ourselves in Shasta honoring the effort.

We had all the FamiliesRock lightshow with us in Mt. Shasta so we converted Unpluggeds living room into a nightclub for the evening.  We hung lights and passed out glowsticks, flashlights, and FamiliesRock t-shirts and partied like crazy at the very hour the concert started in Austin.

Good Rock production kids...

FamiliesRock house party...

Look how awesome it was!  We danced and played for two hours straight and then waited for Chey to call us after the show.  The show went well and everyone made money, had fun, and was extremely tired.  Welcome to our world!

Our Family decided to take some time to ourselves one day and headed up to the base of Mt. Shasta.  We spent the day in the snow and driving around some of the back roads.  It's so beautiful here, everywhere you turn is snow and trees!

The view from where we were parked on Mt. Shasta is even more breathtaking in person.

On the way home we explored some back roads and went hiking into some parts of the woods.  There was a lot of snow everywhere we went that made for such wintry scenery.  We took this picture of Black Butte on the way home.  Brye and Salem's house backs right up to it!  Be home soon!

Back at the house it was time for one of the first significant snowfalls of the season at dawn.  Doesn't look like much but it was enough to make us all smile!

The kids were in the front yard making dog poo snowmen.  We kept telling them to use the snow anywhere else but the front yard because that's were all the dogs go.  But as you can see they didn't listen.

Looks like poo.

The snow kept falling and the Jeep didn't dry out for months.

We celebrated Thanksgiving together and made some killer food.

The kids were boozing before they even finished their food.  Typical.

Salem's Mom also joined us from San Diego as well as Salem's brother Nathanael who lived with us all in Mt. Shasta.  This Family is so special and makes you feel just like part of theirs.  We ate, we sang, and we grew together.

As the holidays were starting, we all went into town to watch them light the Christmas tree in downtown Mt. Shasta.  They passed out candles, sang Christmas carols, and cheered as the lights went on!  It was such a cute little gathering in the small town.

You can see the top of Mt. Shasta behind the shops on the main street.  This town rocks and totally has that mountain town feel.

After the Christmas tree lighting we strolled down the main street popping in and out of the little shops.  We spent all night treating ourselves right!  And giving the kids spelling lessons every step of the way... trick or treat.

As the holidays were approaching Clark went out and started hanging the Christmas lights.  No one fits the Griswold role like he does.  No one.  Don't even try.  He owns it.

The weather just kept getting colder and colder.  All the trees on the property were snow covered and we felt like we were living in a winter wonderland.

It was finally time for us to go and find a Christmas tree out on the property.  Brye and Salem have been cutting down their own Christmas trees for some time now and we were worried that we might not have anymore little ones left.  So we all got our snow gear on and headed out onto the land.

After walking around the property we finally found the one!  There were lots of Christmas trees everywhere but most of them were ginormous!  We settled on this one because we could cut it in half and use one side of it for firewood.  Don't be fooled, it's the smaller (huge) one in front of the really really big one in the back.

It took all ten of us to haul it back to the house.  By the time we got back we were all full of sap!  But it was a great tree.

After washing all the sap off we settled in for the night and jammed with some great music and some great friends.


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