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October '02

We are still in Malibu waiting on ABC Family show and thinking that this could be good fit right now.  We thought it would be cool to share our lifestyle with others and express how important Family time was, so we continued to pursue it.

As we were driving down PCH we came across this wreck.  PCH is a really windy and dangerous road and this day a lady lost control of her car, hit and killed a man, and then ended up in the front of this house.

Def Leppard's drummer (Rick Allen) and we believe Lauren Monroe(?) shopping at the same grocery store we shop in Malibu! They were loading groceries and our dogs were barking at each other. (click on pic for crop and higher res as requested by the Rick Allen fan club).

We were actually waiting for the funky lady in the pink Corvette to come back so we could get a picture of her (Angelina). Apparently she's popular around L.A. but nobody could really tell us why. Angelina waits for this guy to open the door of her Corvette. She really looks like Barbie at 60 with lots of plastic surgery. Very bizarre....

Corral Canyon between PCH and the San Fernando Valley with our friend Joe and his son.

Three kids in a rock.

We stumbled on this abandoned house on our hike.  We spent some time walking around the premises and checking out the house. 

Kesley needed a bath.

A view from the house we were trespassing on.

This place was huge and had some cool places on the land.  There were many trees and felt really cozy.

This is the inside of the living part of the house.  We didn't go in because there were many signs saying unsound sturcutre and such.  So we stayed outside and continued to trespass.

Never figured out what this was for, but it was very deep.

The outside of the house, you can see the signs on the wall saying to keep out.

As we conitnued our hike we found several other houses on the hillside that were amazing.  This one was interesting, notice how the far the house extends outward.

Back in Santa Monica we often listened to all the street performers showcasing their talents.  This girl was 13 and trying to pursue her singing career.  Her dad ran the stereo system and she sang a variety of songs.

This is also a common sight in the area.  It is actually quite amusing if you look at it for awhile.

 Back in the campground we hooked up with some kids that were traveling with their Family from Canada.  You meet a lot of people from other countries in Malibu.

And you also meet your dad's old college roommate.  This is one of the coolest guys ever, Avery Falkner.  We met up with him after Greg's dad insisted we look him up and say hi.  Avery is an art professor at Pepperdine University in Malibu and gave us a home schooling tour of the his studios and the work they do there.  We also hobnobbed with him at one of the best places to eat  in Malibu, Coogies.

Cody became a good friend to our kids in the Malibu campground. He lives at Big Bear Lake in CA and comes in to do stunts for movies and TV. His dad does stunts for Robbery and Homicide TV series. Cody has been in many movies such as Big Fat Liar (doubling for Frankie Munoz getting chased by the blue guy), he's also been on X-files, Dr Dolittle 2, Max Keeble's, and many others.

This guy escaped off the Titanic and came to teach Austin how to do card tricks.

After waiting on ABC Family way too long and never hearing back from them, we were took off to continue what's next.  With some finances left we headed back up north and visited Santa Barbara.

The kids love Mini Coopers and they could actually drive them if they wanted to.

And they like Lotus', but can't afford them.

One of our first sightings of sea lions on the coast.  They look really cute and they make you want to walk right up to them and pet them.  But don't, they bite.

Crabby Patty.

The elephant seals take over the beaches here during mating season.  The males put a show on with other males in hopes of getting lucky.

With some finances left we decided to see the famous Hearst Castle.  The tours are very expensive and are broken up into four different ones.  We took the one we could afford and were really impressed with this place.  It is out on Highway 1 in the middle of nowhere on some of the prettiest coastline ever.


Won't you join us for some Hearst Castle?