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October '04 Pixsures

Fear. Competition. War.

Canada Rocks! Peace. Love. Rock n Roll. Barenaked Ladies.

Run. Have fun. Let go.

Enjoy them.

set 'em up...

with Rock n Roll...

all sides inspire...

all types...

signs and colors... art and creativity... self expression...

'idols'... accomplishments... inspiration...

bow wow'ing to pop culture.

child labor.

being a part of something bigger than all of us...

Question authority and fear not... There are two sides at every door.

Money. Power. Fear. Security.

"Look beyond what you see".

Mathew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock will watch you swim.


Sewage. Recycle.



Pillow topped car seats put you to sleep.

Or nine.

Frida. Frida. Frida. Frida. Frida. New friends.

Take it. For you.

Dead? Goth? Evil? Right? Wrong? Good? Bad? Heaven? Hell? Love? Hate? Peace? War? Protestant? Catholic? Jew? Muslim? Hindu? Wiccan? Judgment? Love.

And Frida.


Take Fun.

Love Fun ~ Let go of the rest.

October 2004. Cynical. Excited. Confused. Enlightened. Disappointed. Pleased. Frustrated. Challenged. Changed.

See ya!


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