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September '04 Pictures


Everybody now. Oooooooohhhhhhmmmmm. 

Do you feel the peace? Colton is 'da mastah.

Now that we all feel better ~ Welcome to September '04. We miss San Diego. During our last days there we visited Seaport Village downtown. The local Hyatt was too tempting to stay out of so we disguised ourselves as normal type guests and demanded stuff from innocent hotel staff victims, such as a ride to the top and a table au jus' a 'la mode du jour. That's the famous bridge of something in the background ~ the uh, Coronado bridge. Because it goes to Coronado. And back. But you have to turn around in Coronado on the other side.

Then we had the kids act Republican at the convention. Look closely and you'll notice they all have cigarettes.

And the meek shall inherit the hallway.

And the meek shall have fun thus unto themselves.

And the meek shall treat the bike taxi guy that girls have hots thus too therefore with slices of pizza shared and inherit free bike taxi rides for thou children of thy groin and be blessed in returneth.

With multitudes of fishes and Sea Birds and Chickens of the Sea with Tuna of the Earthen.

And smoke thy cigarettes thus freakin' thy people out with puffs of talcum.

And hip... hip... hip ~ hippie chicks!

(they're fake cigarettes that blow talcum powder ~ they're fun for us, not all.)





yeeeaahhhh!!!! baby.



It's my birthday! It's my birthday! It's my birthday!

The momma with the mostest b-day talent around. Black and Red instead of Barney and Dino at 12, yo.

jackasses ~ as in the TV show. And Austin gave Phillip this painting to remember him by. Phillip rules.

Those are Nodland boys with Austin and Sunny. They are special (if you know what we mean).

And sit tight, you will know why they are special.

Sticks on Mission Beach are just not sticks to Ed Nodland. Look beyond what you see.

This is Casey, Rian's arch nemesis ~ the other Nodland granddaughter.

Mike the poet met on Mission Bay during our late night, last visit to the bay that evening. We enjoyed and learned much from Mike. Mike is cool. Mike is young. Mike is cool.

ADD with special needs and children and proud. ADD RULES!!!!

Why'd you start the RV? Where are we going?

Are you serious?

I'm out. Wake me in three days.

I don't wanna. Do I have ta? I can't handle another three days in the Mojave. Do we have enough food? Where's my bone? Are you sure I won't get too hot? Got an itch. Ok. That's better. Where are we going? 

Texas border... lights and building are a prison. We left Escondido around 7pm and drove through the desert all the way to Tucson for our first evening. Mojave's still like 90+ in the middle of the night. Got to Texas border by the second night heading for Fort Stockton.

BTW ~ brought Jennie, Joan, and Karen with us from San Diego. What a blast!

Congress bridge in Austin at dusk is a cool place to see one of the largest bat colonies in the world.

Linda, Matt, and Bella met us at the bridge. They are one cool kickin' Family that makes us glad to be back in Austin.

Boom chicka boom chicka boom boom boom.

Red Elvis.

Bats don't like to be photo'd so they come out later than you can get a picture.

Sixth street, watch out.

Erik Tessmer(?) wasn't nice to his guitar after going Jimi Hendrix on it. He ripped all the strings off after a 2+hour non stop set. Erik could be the next big Jimi or Stevie or something phenomenal like that. Let's clap.

Something went wrong with this spider web but it was cool to watch the spider lady.

We won! Then gave the Office Depot gift card to one of our biggest supporters ~ Linda Lujan Reister. Thanks for all you do Linda! This was at a non-profit conference we attended put on by Greenlight Austin.

He he.

See ya later.


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