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September '02

After leaving Yellowstone National Park we said bye to the Nodlands and searched for the nearest town with a mall.  We had spent a month in Yellowstone and needed a fix of fast food and internet access to purchase our new domain name for the website ~ barenakedfamily.com. We were freaking out and a little anxious to find out if the domain name was available and if it meant anything to anyone else. We ended up in Salt Lake City because it was the closest big town.

At this time, we were neighbors with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore that lived in Hailey, Idaho. Now Ashton hangs there.

Pulling into Salt Lake, we chose a campground next to the Utah State Fairgrounds. We attended the Utah State Fair.  And it was very Utah.

This guy 'molested' this animal.

The nerve.  Molester!!!

But he did teach the kids to lasso.

We stayed at a campground right next door to the Utah State Fair and could hear all the music every night.  Turns out when we pulled into the campground and started setting up Jenn saw some kids riding their bikes around the campground.  As she looked at them she was stunned to see Mitch and Max Nodland riding around!  We had just left these guys in Yellowstone and ran into them at the same campground hundreds of miles away!  We stayed together again and ended up celebrating Austin and Max's birthday's together.  One night Ed, Cheryl, Mitch went out for dinner and Max decided to stay home with us.  We heard that Nickelback was performing that night, so we decided to put our Pro-Fanity to work.  The tickets were about forty dollars each so instead we hung out at the fence that separates the Utah State Fair from the campground and listened to the music.  You couldn't see anything, but you could hear the music perfectly.  Greg says 'let's walk around the grounds to see if we can see anything for the free angle'.  We walked around to the back of the grounds where the cars come in to park.  There was no guard on duty so we walked in.  We walked right up to the back of the stage where Nickelback is performing!  There is basically a chain link fence separating us from the back of the stage!  We are standing in front of all the pyrotechnics that are going off like crazy as they are performing!  Unbelievable!  They are right in front of us!  Now, barenakedfamily has been around Rock Stars and gotten into some amazing places in the early Pro-Fanity years, but this was a first for Max.  And his jaw was on the ground!  He could not believe that he was standing there!  It was great.  As the show ended, they guys from Nickelback exited the stage to the right of where we were standing.  Chad, the lead singer, bolted off the stage and was heading to a nearby trailer.  The kids started hollering loudly at him and he walked right over to them.  He was trying to keep it on the down low to avoid a rush of non Pro-Fans to him.  He walked right up to the chain link fence and introduced himself to the kids.  He talked to them and asked them if they enjoyed the show.  Sure we did.  The kids asked him for an autograph on some program they found right there on the ground.  Chad looked at the advertisements on the program they gave him and said' I can't sign some guys bum, hold on I'm going to get you guys something cooler!'  He ran to the trailer and came back with a professional glossy of the band that he autographed!  The kids were stunned and Max was pretty gone at this point.  Chad said bye to the kids and thanked them for being there and took off.  He also asked us not to tell anyone about the way cool location we found him at.  As we walked away all Max could say was 'I can't believe that, I can't believe we saw the concert, met the guy, and got an autograph! And we didn't have to spend forty dollars!'  It was kind of funny telling Ed, Cheryl, and Mitch about it when they came home.

We visited the Mormon Tabernacle Choir while we were there.  Everyone kept saying you need to see it, but you really don't.

We got there early in the morning because they have to shut the doors and have everyone in their seats by a certain time because they televise live on TV.  So we get in and find some seats and watch the production.  We explained to the kids that the service is televised on TV and they really need to be have and be quiet.  The kids were great and when we were getting read to leave we noticed people moving around but then sitting back down.  Turns out we were there for the practice one and the next service was the one televised!  We didn't stay.

We found a Greek Festival and decided to check it out.  They had some great performers and some delicious food.  These are Junior Goya dancers with the kids. During this time in Slat Lake City we continued our desire to work together as a Family on some sort of Family business.  At this time we heard a small piece on ABC Family channel about a new reality show called 'My Life is a Sitcom'.  This was back when reality shows were just coming out and still not reality.  It sounded like a good fit for where we were, so decided to audition for it.  We spent three days making and editing an audition tape and sent it to Hollywood.  The casting people loved us and our tape and told us we were in the running.  Maybe we should just go to Hollywood?

And one day we wake up in Las Vegas on our way to Hollywood.  Believe it or not there has been a few times we have woken up in Las Vegas and not known how we got there.  Not a drunk thing, a life thing.


Maybe it's the mullets that bring us back?

We ended up in Malibu with some new friends.  We told the casting company that we were in Hollywood and maybe we could meet.  They told us to hang tight that they were still auditioning other Families and that they would let us know what's going on.  So we met some of the locals in the campground.  That's Venice, her Family lives in a bus in the campground and are wicked cool people.

We also met some tourist from Germany.  Malibu is a popular place for people from Europe.  We enjoyed s few glasses of wine with our fellow German neighbors and they gave Austin build a wood car project to build.  How do home schoolers socialize?  This week our neighbors of German, that's how.

We have been going to have coffee at a local playground / shopping center Saturday and Sunday morning and our kids played with David Duchovney and Tea Leoni's kids both mornings! On Saturday, Tea and her daughter played with our girls on the slide and Kesley talked with her when her daughter was upset trying to help and make things better. Tea and her daughter approached us on Sunday and they pet our dogs. She was very nice.  We think we saw a music video producer on Sunday -- the guy with the shoulder length blond hair and dark sunglasses on several MTV Behind The Music and/or Making the Video.

This time we saw David Duchoveny and Tea Leoni with their kids and nanny.  David is pushing his kids on the swings next to Sunny and Kesley and Tea is the blond on the bench.

That's Austin helping us set up the shot so we didn't look like paparazzi.

Sunny helped us too.  That's Tea Leoni and David Duchoveny in the background.  Later that day we were hanging out with our friend Rebecca when Tea Leoni walked over with her kids to pet Timon.  She was cool and just talked with us, so we kept everything on the down low.  We talked for awhile and she continued to play with her kids.  As they were playing Kesley saw that her daughter was crying and walked over to see if she wanted to play with her.  The kids had no idea who these people were and we didn't tell them till we left because we didn't want them to act any different.  They were pretty excited when we told them who they were!

We met another Family staying in the campground and the kids quickly hooked up and joined him for his birthday.

Kaipo's Family was in town because his dad is a professional kick fighter, boxer guy.  He stars in movies with his talent and performs in professional fights all over the world.

We found the Rainbow Room on the Sunset Strip which is the coolest place to hang out in Hollywood.  Many Rock Stars come here to hang out and eat.  The food is great and there is a stage and bar upstairs that many famous Rock musicians have played at.  Read some cool stories in the Hollywood journals.  This night we were here David Spade at at the table next to us and did Joe Dirt impressions with the kids!  He joked around with the kids and threatened to throw bread and water at them if they got to loud.  The kids gave him a barenakedfamily.com and we went on with our dinner peeking at him through the fake plant.  Another score for the Pro-Fans!  We walked out after dinner and headed to some other Sunset Strip locations when we ran into Jack Osbourne on the street!  He was very cool as well and talked to the kids.  They gave him a barenakedfamily.com card and went on their way.

Driving home on Sunset Blvd - thought the Afghans had figured out missiles and we were getting nuked! This thing streaked through the sky leaving this well lit trail, stopped for a while, then exploded creating illuminated rings like waves emitting from its center. Turns out this was a missile test that was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in central California and exploded somewhere in the stratosphere successfully intercepting a missile launched from a Hawaiian sounding island! Most of California could see this, it was very freaky. The glow remained for possibly a half hour or more.

Looking out over the ocean and PCH from the campground.

Full moons drive the kids wild.

Cher is your neighbor when you stay in the Malibu campground.  Her mansion is right off of PCH and she is often seen jogging in the area.

We thought this was her jogging and when we noticed we turned around and drove by again.  We still weren't sure so we turned around again and drove by her to get a better look.  Still not sure we turned around again, parked on the side of the road where she would jogging by, and pulled out a map as if we were lost to wait for her to jog by.  Turns out it wasn't her.

This guy told us we couldn't put his picture on the internet because he will go broke doing this.  That's hilarious. 


While in Malibu we went to this open house and toured around for about half an hour.  We got to go all over this house and even open a hatch that takes you to the roof for an amazing view of the ocean which is right behind the house.  The house was priced at 5,000,000.

Jenn got some Malibu sand off the beach for her Mom. The hotties in the background just put their clothes back on before we could take the pic...

Lakers Basketball star shooting a Ford commercial on Venice Beach.

More street performers in Venice Beach.  There are some strange ones out here.

They wouldn't let us into the Wayne Brady show with our camera.  So this was the only picture we were able to take before heading into the show.  Take a side trip to read about our incredible Hollywood babble here.

For a home schooling project we made homemade piņatas which sounded fun.  It took about three days and a lot of mess but was worth the effort when our neighbors from Germany saw us hitting them.  They were looking at us as if the didn't understand what we were doing, so we walked over and invited their son, Sven, to join us.  Turns out the husband, Gustav, brought his wife and son over for their first visit to America.  He had been just a few times and spoke English pretty well and translated the story about the Hispanic culture using piņatas to the Family.  This was a first for this Family and it was so cool to share this with them.

Our kids made great friends with Sven and he didn't speak or understand any English! They did great together.  The sugar probably helped a lot too.

Malibu Tom and Donna, Jenn, Joe, Biata and Gustav (Sven's parents), and Greg.  Malibu Tom and Donna are very special to us and Joe is another wicked cool Malibu neighbor we hang with when we visit.

After bashing the piņata and partying hard all night with our friends from Germany we took them to the popular Malibu playground for some tastes of America.  We introduced them to breakfast tacos and then some fancy smancy coffee.  They were very cool and talked to us about life in Germany.

Family on the half pipe coping at Malibu Sk8 park. Austin's getting better and better... You should see him pump the half pipe and grind the rail!

And why shouldn't Austin be able to trespass to pose in front of multi-million dollar Malibu beach homes?

Yes, we're obsessed with Cher's house as you can tell from this lower view of her home. Remember the picture of the lady jogging in front of Cher's house from above? We stalked her for about an hour to try and figure out if it was just a really good disguise - and we're not really even fans! (did like the Sonny and Cher TV movie and 'Mask' a lot though).

We spent a lot of time making ourselves available for ABC Family reality show and they kept us waiting, so we hung out.  During this time we really started forming the website to become barenakedfamily.com.  We started expressing more about who we were and what we stood for and sure at times went to far.  But that's the whole reason of barenakedfamily.com ~ being able to find out who we were and sharing our mistakes, ego, and experiences with others.  Not so easy to do all the time.  More and more people were learning about barenakedfamily and supporting our choices.  Some of our Family were already having a hard time with us not being 'in the box' and now we were 'barenakedfamily.'  We had a lot of explaining to do and that's were the website would take on a life of it's own.


for a little bit of Oct '02...