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September '06 Pictures

Hi there Septemberonians. It's been like a dream. Nearly a year in Austin. Living in 'Mobile Manor'. September has been a month of choices for bnf. Possibilities. Access, understanding, connections... A month recognized we Made*Home. Wherever I may roam, where I lay my head is home... Home*Made.

But first we had to party. 14 years old Sep 05! Wow. Austin started living on the road when he was eight. A choice we made as a Family to spend way more time together. A choice we made that we would no longer pay the cost to live Their American Dream. 

The choice to live in the world with infinite possibility... The possibility to RV... or fly to Mt Shasta to see friends...

Or walk. Infinite access to all this world has to offer. The headwaters, the 'spring' of the Sacramento river. The 'spring' of our new Family.

Understanding... The cycle includes the dark clouds, the cold mountain snow; the meltdown through the underground; filtering of the impurities to reappear in the light... pure. Untainted. Sweet. To flow downhill into the vast lakes to be enjoyed. Naked.

...and hungry. Always providing connections of food, water, shelter.

For Life | Pro - Vida | Pro - Vide

Abundant choice. Abundant possibilites. Abundant access...





Get In this world. Enjoy.

Freedom. Flexibility. Two A-holes get married in Sahara Vegas '92. Memories in 2006.

Five A-holes do ABC Nightline with John Berman. To share... home is not a house.

Home is Made.

Home is in the hearts.

We are ONE.

on a journey

Home is all of it.

spirits in love

Home is not a house.

Home is free

Freedom & Flexibility.

choice. possibilities. access, understanding, connections.




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