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About barenakedfamily

What is BNF? ~ A story… a life… a style…a place where Families come to recover from it all. Families that don’t’ take cues, care less about tattoos, long hair, loose tooth’s, drinking beer or snorting juice. Families who are not perfect nor care, have colors in their hair, bling in their heads, and know it’s not what you wear, but who you wed. Families that party and dance on Saturday night and sing or sleep on Sunday morning; hug and kiss, yell and cuss, sing and scream, wrestle and dream, laugh at each other, fart together, burp their lyrics; say their prayers; puke in high chairs, worry too much, and usually share; Hug the in-laws, make fun of their flaws, kick their own dogs, and repent from it all only to jackass a fall in the mall. Families that throw a fit when all they really want is way less… for Family. Families that kick ass. Like yours.


'barenaked' represents 'stuff' we got rid of to put our FAMILY first. We only got rid of clothing because our closets shrank! We're mostly modest around others ~ wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

This barenakedfamily is Greg, Jenn, Austin, Kesley, and Sunny.

barenakedfamily is about Visualizing what is needed to BE a family ~ Right NOW. barenakedfamily is Realizing this vision by designing our Family Life around three simple initiatives:

  1. Playing together as a Family ~ seeking out or creating those activities that all of us enjoy together.

  2. Learning together as a Family ~ We chose un-schooling and Mom and Dad are learning in leaps and bounds.

  3. Working Together as a Family ~ Family biz, whatever it takes. We still goof occasionally and think money works.

We are Discovering our life together as a Family that started young and broke and excelled through Dad's career and acquiring stuff. We chose to let go donating and selling most everything but the bare essentials to ultimately spend as much of our free time together as we possibly could.

Why? Because ~ Right now you miss a beat, you lose a rhythm. Right now individuality is expected over Family. Right now can't wait till tomorrow. Right now a kid is listening to music by himself.  Right now means everything. Right now there are too many angry songs. Right now we need to turn this thing around.

Barenakedfamily is determined to take back our Family from the state of dis-ease Families encounter. We had chosen to individualize; we went to our separate rooms and slammed our doors living with isolated entertainment, detached educations, and divided careers. We felt this Family dis-ease relating to TV, crying with lyrics, and hurting when we lost our connection.

The hope for our cure presented itself on those rare occasions when we were able to let go of our inhibitions together; when we encouraged our babies noises; when we ran and screamed with the kids; hung out and related to the teens. The cure lives within most of the young and old ~ they cherish their time, Right Now ~ to revel in Family just being Family ~ BNFamily, BareNakedFamily. Coincidence? We think not.

By May 2001, we had donated and sold all but the bare essentials and moved into our new home... to 'wonder' what it would be like ~ to wander.

'92 Winnebago towing a '74 VW Thing

We used to have lots of stuff and furniture that wasn't bolted down. We decided to 'Visualize' our life, 'Realize' our family, and 'Discover' our dreams.

the short of it goes something like this...

Greg and Jenn met in 1991 in San Antonio, TX.

We lived in a travel trailer because we could afford to.

 We were very happy.


We honeymooned on what we could afford ~ $400 cash and one way air to Los Angeles to drive and camp 10 days back to San Antonio in a friends truck with all his stuff.


We got married in Vegas on April 10, 1992 (at least that’s what we told everyone). We really got married in a feed store in Cibolo, TX for $50 on June 13, 1992 because we could afford to.

Our first dream was small ~ move from San Antonio to Austin, TX. So we took the TV off the counter and towed our home there. We lived well on $400 that first month because we could afford to. Then found our first house, a job, and had our first baby. 

Grandma gave us a second car. Then we had another baby. A job promotion.

 Another baby. A pay raise. A boat. 401k. Stock Options.

A promotion. A minivan. Pay raise. Investments. Vacations.

An ass kickin' Bronco. Pay raise. Pricier house.

Job transfer to Seattle. A bigger house. Pay raise.


 RV. Vacations. Promotion. More expensive house.

All because we could afford to!

We had somehow realized living as ‘expected’ and had stopped visualizing our dreams veiled in the discovery of ‘making a living’ for our family.

So we stopped. We 'Visualized' our dreams. We 'Realized' what we were wearing and it was itchy! We 'Realized' that all we need is to be together as a family right now – to live, play, learn, and work together RIGHT NOW. Excessive ‘stuff’ is not worth losing any of our family time together – this is when we 'Discovered' our next lifestyle ~ our passion was always travel ~ we 'discovered' that we must be ~ 3 days from anywhere!

Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. -JK Rowling


About BNF

Meet The Crew


Gettin' barenaked

Livin' barenaked

BNF is...